Forever Polished Mani Bombs.

I've been seeing Forever Polished brand popping up everywhere lately. In Facebook groups, in photos on Instagram, blog reviews. Her mani bombs are super popular and in high demand lately. I was lucky enough to grab a few to try in her last restock.

I'm a sucker for floral scents, so I ordered the Coconut Lavender Love Spell Mani Crumbles, Rose Bud Crumbles, Rose Garden Mani Bomb, and a Mystery Bomb. (The mystery bomb I received smells like vanilla bean). I also received a sample mani bomb in Bora Bora scent.

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The Coconut Lavender Mani Crumbles is one of my favorite scents. You mostly smell the lavender and a citrus scent. I used one little spoonful in a bowl of warm water. It will fizz at first when you drop a spoonful in the water.

I soaked my hands about 15 minutes. I was working my way through Orange is the New Black season 2 on Netflix while I soaked my hands. (So ready for season 3 next year!)  :) The oils in the mani crumbles leave your skin super soft.

Bora Bora smells really nice, and fruity like a tropical drink! It also turns the water a pretty blue color. (Don't be afraid of the color, it didn't stain my skin or nails at all.) 

Rose Garden, Mani Bomb. Oh! This is my favorite scent! It smells exactly like fresh roses. I cut my mani bomb in half when I used it, since it was so large. (Then I get an extra use out of it!) You can see it fizzes in the warm water. Sad to say though that the Rose Bud Mani Crumbles don't smell as strong as the mani bomb. I will definitely be stocking up on the Rose Garden scent again. 

Keep an eye on the Forever Polished Facebook page for restock announcements. you can purchase mani bombs and mani crumbles in her shop here: Forever Polished.

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