RIP: Dance Legend Sully

Well... I never had this happen... I went to do my nails today for the work week, was unscrewing the cap on my Dance Legend Sully when the bottle split in half... my hands were completely covered in polish and I had to scrub with cotton balls and acetone.

Sigh... I haven't even owned it that long, and I never even got to wear it properly. I only swatched it on 4 fingers. There must have been some dried polish around the lid that made it tough to open and when I twisted the cap the bottle split. I suppose it had a hairline fracture in it from shipping when I ordered it from Llarowe.

RIP Sully... until Llarowe restocks you again someday, if I'm lucky enough to get another bottle... Dance Legend is a Russian brand & Llarowe only gets limited stock, and I'm not paying $19 for a bottle on eBay coming from Russia, when it may get confiscated by customs or get damaged during the long distance. So unless anyone has one lying around that they want to send me, lol. :-p I'll be waiting awhile. Blah....

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