Painted Polish: Effie & District 12

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I picked up the other two Painted Polish nail polishes I've been wanting. There was a New Year's sale so I ordered Effie & District 12 this time. Last time I ordered 'Girl on Fire' and 'Kiss me Teal Midnight'. (Effie, District 12 and Girl on Fire are all from Painted Polishes Hunger Games inspired collection).

Effie is just gorgeous. It's an aqua green cream with little matte holographic circles and glitter. The glitter is pink, green, blue, orange. It's reminds me of springtime. I did 3 coats with a seche vite topcoat and then I also tried a matte topcoat with NYC Matte About You. (press sample). I think I like Effie even more when it's matte!

District 12 is a black jelly polish with holographic circle and diamond glitter. The holo circles make me think of planets in outer space. I also did 3 coats of this and placed some of the glitter's strategically with the brush. I did two coats of Seche Vite to give it that glossy jelly look. I also tried a matte topcoat, but I like District 12 better when it's glossy.

Which polish do you like? Effie or District 12? Shiny or matte?

P.S. I updated my disclosure page with explanations for the terms used at the top of some of my blog posts. I wanted to make sure it was easy for my readers to understand. You can find the new explanations on the disclosure page underneath the current policy.

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