My Nail Polish Storage

For my birthday my parents ordered me the Sterilite 3-Drawer Medium Cart's from Walmart, they come in a set of 2 for just $21. We picked site to store shipping which usually only takes one week... but due to shipping delays it took three weeks to arrive at our Walmart. My husband picked them up this week.

The drawers are 24 inches high, just a half inch taller than our night tables. They are made of sturdy plastic & have wheels. I only needed one of them at the moment for my nail polish, so we are using the other one to store dvds, etc in the living room. I also stopped at Dollar Tree and picked up 6 small storage trays to organize the inside of the drawers better. Now all of my polishes are stored upright instead of laying down. :-)

This was how my polishes were being stored before, they were separated in plastic baggies by brand.

I've updated My Complete Nail Polish Collection page, with newer photos. Check it out!  

P.S. I will be swatching these pretties from Nire's Desire Polish soon. 

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