Molly & Willow!

I have some catching up to do! Molly & Willow joined our rat family last Saturday. A birthday gift to myself. They are just little babies. I would guess about 2 months old.

Molly is black capped with a white blaze. We noticed she's missing the tip of her left ear also. Molly is smaller than Willow, but chubbier.

Willow we think is a hooded blue. (I say think, because she's molting a bit growing into her coat and sometimes her coat looks a little cocoa). I think she might just be darker blue, like Daisy was. Willow is... very adventurous, lol. (I think she's going to be feisty like our other new girl Toffee!)

Here's a few more pictures of Toffee girl, who is my little feisty brat sometimes. She figured out she can escape the Ferret Nation cage... most times she stays in though, thank goodness! 

  photo sarahlynn_zpse7845bbe.jpg

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