Photos from my Birthday Weekend/Week!

Photos from my birthday weekend/week. (The big 3-0). These are all Instagram & cell phone photos.

Birthday card from my co-workers. They know me so well. ;-) 

Table set for my brother & cousin Jessica for dinner this past Sunday. I made homemade bacon cheeseburger stromboli!
You can buy these- near the ice cream cakes at the supermarket now! So good!

Hmmm... beer, wine, malt beverage, vodka. No room for food! Lol! Party time! Dinner & drinks!

The Hello Kitty soap is a birthday gift from my cousin's 2 year old daughter, Kayleigh. :)

Very early birthday breakfast at the Eagle Diner with hubby. (6am!) Cheese omelette, scrapple, hash browns & toast. So yummy! 

Pumpkin Spice Latte- was released on my birthday (9/4) this year! Whoo! 

The family cat sat on the box & smushed the flowers on the cake my parents brought over lol. It's a delicious Hesh's Bakery Chocolate Chip Cake! 

THE BEST birthday gift ever! From my parents.Yonanas Machine! It whips banana's into a creamy soft serve ice cream texture. I just had some... I'm addicted. I need more banana's, lol. 
Strawberry Banana Yonana's! Seriously, so good!
  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day! :)
    Welcome to the 30 club!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! 30 is a great age; you'll love it. :D Looks like you celebrated in style. I hope your day was truly wonderful.


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