Hologram Nails and KP3D movie!

I've been coveting Layla Hologram polish for awhile. I finally ordered some on Ebay. And then I liked it so much I went and order another bottle. You can find them at Ebay, Ulta Beauty or Zappos.com. They range from $14-16, but they are so worth it.

The formula dries super quick. I tried a topcoat, but it dulls the hologram effect. It does chip on your fingertips a bit. I noticed if I do 1 layer of hologram, then a clear coat, then 1-2 more coats of hologram on top it lasts much much longer. It looks frosty going on, but once it dries then the hologram effect shows! You can still see the hologram effect in low light and they sparkle in sunlight! Love them!

Color: Mermaid Spell
Color: Flash Black

My cousins & I also saw the Katy Perry: Part of Me movie in 3D last Friday. I loved it! I like that it's more of a documentary then just a concert movie. It shows a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Plus I like that she writes her own music, plays guitar and doesn't lip sync at her live shows. If anything I thought she sounded even better at her live shows. Her Grandma cracked us up in the movie, she reminded us of our Nana. It's definitely worth going to see!

I really want to see it again, so I think I might be dragging hubby along this time! That's okay though, we're definitely seeing The Dark Knight Rises this month too. ;-)

You can view a lot of clips from the movie here.

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