Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone! F.B. & I will be celebrating Christmas Eve at our apartment. This will be F's 1st Christmas in the USA, our 2nd Christmas married & our 3rd Christmas spent together. :-)

I'll be making alfredo pasta with mushrooms, bacon and ham for Christmas Eve dinner. Also Texas toast with cheese, and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for dessert. Mmmm.

Christmas Day we'll be meeting my family at a Chinese Buffet for brunch. (3rd year we've done this tradition). Then we'll be heading back to my parents house to exchange gifts. F.B. & I will be exchanging gifts tonight.

I made a batch of cookies Friday night and two batches this afternoon. Of course I had some cookie baking disasters though... 1st off, I really need to buy a GLASS measuring cup- my plastic one melted while trying to melt chocolate in the microwave, lol!

And I really love Dollar Tree. My apartment is stocked with stuff I've gotten from there. But their cookie sheets... epic fail. The metal warped in the oven and my cookies ended up looking like.... brownies? The perfect cookie on the right is from the cookie sheet my Mom gave me. The cookies on the left... are from the Dollar Tree cookie sheet...

I made a batch of these White Chocolate Cherry Cookies:

And Thumbprint cookies with strawberry jam!

  1. Merry Christmas Sarah Lynn, F.B. & all the rat-babies! I had to laugh at your "brownie-cookies". What a lousy cookie sheet! Some things are worth the money, right? Maybe Santa will be especially insightful and bring a glass measuring cup and a new cookie sheet to the Bernardo house? *wink* I hope you have an excellent time celebrating with your family. *hugs*

  2. oh wow! that is crazy about the brownie cookies! noted not to get cookie sheets from the dollar store ... my SIL actually bought me heavy duty cookie sheets for Christmas.

    and yikes about the measuring cup, hehe :)

    you made tons of cookies ... i can't wait to start baking tons. 2012 here we come, haha.

    and Chinese buffet sounds like an awesome tradition!

  3. Cookies look great! Squished or not :) Glad you had a very merry Christmas!


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