Buttercup & Sweet Pea

Early Christmas Gift. :-) Meet Buttercup & Sweet Pea!

Buttercup is beige capped with a blaze. She's a chubby little roly poly girl, and pretty brave and not afraid of people.

Sweet Pea is an extremely light cream hooded with red eyes. She almost looks like a PEW her markings are so light. She is smaller and more nervous than her sister.

  1. Merry Christmas indeed! LoL! Welcome, girls. I have a feeling you'll love it at the Bernardo Inn.

  2. Christina Marsden12/24/2011 11:42 PM

    awww merry christmas to you and fb and ur new babies! ;-)

  3. oh wow! too cute!

    p.s. so awesome you know about the star cookies ... they were not easy to find! but ever since we found them we make sure to have tons for the holidays :)

    hope you had a beautiful Christmas!!

  4. The new additions to the family are SO CUTE! :)

  5. They are SO lovely! CongRATulations!


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