Fireworks and other goodies.

F.B. and I headed up to Peddler's Village yesterday evening to watch a fireworks show for their Independence Day celebration. It was mobbed with people, I've never seen so many people at Peddler's Village before. The fireworks lasted around 20 minutes. It was terrible getting out afterwards though. It took us an hour to get back on the road we needed to get home. We ate dinner around 11:30pm at the Eagle Diner. We didn't get home until 12:30am or so.

Video of the Fireworks, sadly after only 2 seconds my camera said it ran out of memory for an HD video, lol.

Some cute stuff I picked up at Peddler's Village. I got an owl coin purse and owl earrings. (Putting the earring charms on a necklace chain though.) And a rattie cookie cutter! (Cell phone pic!)

Pretty Flowers at Peddler's Village:

A few weeks ago Kohl's had a great sale early bird sale. I got a 17 piece blender/smoothie kit for $19.99 plus 20% off when I used my Kohl's card! I love it, I've been making fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast every morning, making iced frapp's, and icy drinks. It's awesome! I even ordered my cousin one for her birthday. (Sadly, it's back to it's $49.99 price now.)

I also got a great sale price on a Land's End tote bag last week! I've always wanted one, they are so sturdy and nice. I got an aqua blue/white tote with my initials for $19.99.

My adorable rattie/mice pins, I found on Etsy and put on my tote bag:


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