Ivy: Jan 2010- June 2011

My beautiful Ivy girl passed away today. She had a tumor and I think it had begun to block things so she couldn't go to the bathroom... she got very sick last night and by this afternoon she passed away. Her nickname was "Cream Puff", because when she was younger she was so squishy & round. Ivy won a photo contest once for Jen's Custom Crafts. She will definitely be missed, she had such a spunky attitude. ♥♥♥

  1. I'm very sorry to hear this, Sarah Lynn. :( RIP Ivy.

  2. Im so sorry Sarah, Ivy looked like a gorgeous little girl, I love that photo of her :)

    RIP little girl, Im sure you will be forever loved and missed

    Big hugs to you, xxx

  3. she's definitely beautiful, what lovely pictures.

    RIP Ivy


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