No more health issues please! (UPDATED)

Jasmine was fine yesterday today I wake up to find her alone in the igloo with the right side of her face all swollen & lumpy with a big red scabby gash. I remember some of the girls were fighting last night I think someone might have bit her and it got swollen & infected. (It could have even happened earlier this week since Honey & Hazelnut like to pester the girls & fight occasionally.) But today is when I noticed her neck is all puffed up and swollen. :(

I looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find the half full bottle of SMZ-TMP the vet gave me for Pepper. All I have is some Amoxicillan (fishmox) and oral Prednisolone also from Pepper in the house. I gave Jasmine some of the steroids maybe it will help to lower the swelling.

I called the vet but I can't go in until Tuesday they had nothing on Monday after my Doctor's visit at 2pm. They could have seen me tomorrow but I'm on bed rest until Monday. Want to cry. I don't think it's an abscess but it could certainly turn into one if it gets infected badly. Cleaning her wound with Betadine & Peroxide. They can't see her until Tuesday @ 5:30pm because I won't get back on the train from work until a little after 4pm. Sigh...

Edited to add:
Change of plans- I talked to my Mom she is going to run Jasmine over tomorrow at 12pm to the vet for me instead since I'm still on bedrest until Monday.

UPDATED 12/11/10:

The swelling on her neck was down a lot this morning. My Mom & brother just ran her over and it only took about 20 minutes. (Mom took my note of what I think happened.) The vet thinks it's just a bite that got infected and doesn't think it's an abscess at this point. (I don't either.) He gave her a Baytril injection. (Will have to keep an eye out for Baytril burn on her little behind.) And SMZ-TMP antibiotic 0.3ml for 2 weeks. ($115.50 Ouch!) Hoping she will be doing much better by next week! Jasmine is approx 4 months old.

  1. I will be sending good healing vibes your way! How is she now?


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