Blue Rats!

I love all domesticated rat colors and believe me there are dozens of colors and varities to choose from. But my favorite color would have to be the blue rat. It's a shade that can look like a slate gray to a powder blue or even a deep russian blue. It's a beautiful color. I've been lucky enough to own 6 blue rats.


Basil with Sage: (Sage passed away 1 month after I got both boys.)


Ginger: (I had Ginger for about 1 1/2 years)


Jasmine is on the right. Iris is on the left.
Iris & Daisy:

Ginger, Basil, Sage & Jasmine. Have all been blue hooded rats. Iris is a blue berkshire. And Daisy is a blue rex berkshire.

  1. Awwwww they're all so beautiful!!
    We don't have many blue rats in Australia due to problems with the gene regarding blood clotting normally which is a shame coz I love the colour, there are few people trying to breed it out over east though :D

  2. Awww I didn't know that, I looked up an article:

    I'm guessing the lines I had in American didn't have that. Ginger had her toes bit when she was younger & bled a lot but it clotted and Basil was neutered with no complications. Hopefully someday you will have some blue rats over there!

  3. hope so!! btw did I ever tell you how much I want to steal Basil, he's so damn adorable!!! :)

  4. They are beautiful rats! I've had the pleasure of having one blue rats, Bijoux.

  5. I think you have Georgia. :) Basil is my buddy. His brother & him looked very similar, I just wish I had gotten a little longer to know Sage.

  6. Linda, aren't they gorgeous? Glad you've gotten to own one too, I was always so envious & wanted one and now a breeder in the area must breed a lot of them because two of the Petco's near me always seem to have blue rats.


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