Weekend in the Philippines

This past Saturday we went to Mall of Asia for the afternoon. We saw the movie Planet 51. Which is a CG film. It was a twist on alien invasion- because the human lands on the alien planet and thinks he is the alien. It was pretty cute.

F.B. wanted to get me new Havaianas sandals but the store at Mall of Asia had a really long line just waiting to get into the store. We checked after the movie to see if it would be shorter and it was actually longer! I got a cute purple t-shirt at SM Department store and some new pearl bracelets at Kultura.

We also had Starbucks again… of course, lol! Though I’m trying to behave before the wedding, so whenever we go I order a tall nonfat coffee. I discovered you can also get light blended frappucinos for 100-200 calories instead of 400-500 calories. I had a tall Mocha light blended frapp the other day without whipped cream and it’s just as good as a regular frapp. I decided to try non fat iced Peppermint Mocha when we were at Mall of Asia… (Can’t wait until after the wedding to try it as a frappucino!)

Since Mall of Asia was really crowded on Saturday we went to Robinson’s Galleria for dinner. We tried The Old Spaghetti House. I got a dish with salmon and rice, but it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had. Kinda bland and the cut of salmon wasn't very good. I think I ate more of our appetizer, calamari.

They had a sign on the table with ads of their newest dishes and I thought this was kind of odd... I like peanut butter and banana sandwiches… but peanut butter, banana and BACON?!?! I dunno!

We saw this funny sign down in the parking garage. From our angle it looked like it said; “leave valuables inside your vehicle.” The “please do not” was covered. Hehe!

Sunday morning we were surprised to find F.B.’s Christmas gift had been delivered. We had it scheduled to be delivered Monday, but it came early. I got him a new cell phone. It was a belated Birthday/Christmas gift. (I had ordered him a phone for his birthday but with the flood, I had to cancel the order during the clean up.) Here’s his new shiny Nokia 2630, I ordered from Filgifts.com. It even came with headphones and has a radio built into it!

We went to Ayala for the day to Glorietta Mall. We got to check out Glorietta 5 one of the new areas. Just went to National Bookstore while in there to get a magazine and playing cards. I taught F.B. to play the game ‘war’. Hehe.

We went to ‘All Flip Flops’ to get my new Havaianas sandals. I really like them; they are super shiny, haha! They were my Christmas gift from F.B.

Starbucks at Glorietta Mall and me with my light blended mocha frapp! (No whip!) F.B. got a Coffee Jelly frappucino but it wasn't so good.

We headed back to Robinson’s Mall near F.B.’s house so we could stop at the grocery. Then we went to Sta. Lucia mall for dinner. We went to Yoshinoya which is like a Tokyo Tokyo. I had a rice bowl with chicken teriyaki and vegetables. F.B. had a beef and rice bowl. We also had these dumplings with crab called, Kani Shu-mai.

After dinner we were heading back downstairs when the Guess store distracted me. I saw this really cute pink t-shirt with butterflies that wasn’t even in the window so we went to check it out… P990 though! (Almost $20). I think that’s the most I’ve paid for a t-shirt, lol. I usually get mine on clearance in the USA. But it was too cute to pass up.

F.B. and I browsed the “Louis Vuitton” bags after the Guess store. He haggled the bag I wanted down to P900, which is a bit more than we paid for my last bag but they originally wanted P1200. ($24). I love it, it’s really big inside. I told F.B. he will have to take me to all the “rich” places now with my “Louis Vuitton” bag, my Guess t-shirt and Havaianas sandals, hehehe!

The weather hasn’t been too bad here. It hasn’t rained yet and it’s been very cold at night to me. F.B. laughs at me because he lives here year round and I’m the one cold at night in the Philippines. I’m also the one the heat doesn’t bother so much.

Next Monday we get to pick up our marriage license at the Cainta municipal hall and we may be going to the Manila Hotel this coming Saturday to confirm our reservations for the wedding dinner on 12/19!

NOTE: If you are getting married in the Philippines and you are a US citizen these requirements from the US Embassy in Manila Philippines, will be helpful: Getting Married in The Philippines.


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