Marriage License

Wednesday was our appointment to apply for our marriage license. It was the longest day ever! We got up around 7am in the morning and we left for the Cainta municipal hall around 8am. First we just had to sign in. Around 9am we had to go to two seminars. Only they were in Tagalog and I didn’t understand them. The first seminar was 2 hour long. The 2nd seminar was a “health” seminar… AKA sexual education class in Tagalog! F.B. said they don’t have sex ed classes in school. It was about an hour long… though I could figure out that one from the nurse’s props; (condoms, birth control pills, etc). We were given certificates for attending the classes. (Though I don’t know how I counted- considering I didn’t understand anything! Hehe!)

After all the classes were finished it was lunch break for the employees so we couldn’t fill out our application for our marriage license. We went back to F’s house to relax until we could go back to the municipal hall. It only took about an hour to submit our paperwork and fill out our application. F.B.’s mother brought her friend along who is secretary to the mayor to see if we could expedite things. After we paid our fee for our marriage license they gave us a receipt saying we can pick up the license on December 14th.

F.B.’s mom wanted to see if the mayor of Cainta could do our wedding ceremony so we went to wait until we could see him. It ended up being about 2 and half hours and I am very impatient with waiting, lol. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except we were just sitting around for all of that time and I was tired already and had a headache and hadn’t had lunch yet. Around 4pm we got to see the mayor. Since he had a lot of appointments that day we agreed to do the wedding ceremony at 10am at the Cainta municipal hall. Then later in the evening around 6pm we will have our wedding dinner at the Manila Hotel.

Our wedding invitations arrived and F.B. showed me one. I took a picture of it to share with everyone.

Sunday we were going to see the movie 2012 at Robinson’s Galleria but it was standing room only! So we went to SM Marikina instead to buy tickets. (The movie was okay- it was kinda predictable to me.) We had dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. They have teriyaki salmon now! F.B. got that but he didn’t like it very much. I think I will try it next time. I got the teriyaki chicken. We also had California maki, yummy!

I found a neat little pink roll away suitcase at SM Marikina for about $20 USD! (50% off sale!)It’s a bit smaller and nicer than the carry on I brought with me. It also has a longer handle. (The carry on I brought with me has a crack in it, that F.B. helped me repair last year, but it's cracked in the same spot again.) It was just by chance we found the suitcase sale!

At Robinson’s Galleria we found an 85 Peso store. (Almost $2 USD) I got this neat light up keychain that turns different colors and this cute keychain mouse. I want to hang the mouse on my rearview mirror in my car when I get home.

When we were walking to the supermarket at SM Marikina we saw a pizza in a cone stand!!! Lol! It reminds me of the movie ‘The Jerk’ with the pizza in a cup stuff. F.B. & I want to try it some time just because pizza in a cone sounds weird!

I also got a Ratatouille Pez dispenser at the supermarket, hehe!

Oh and F.B. got his picture next to his “favorite” person, Hannah Montana!

We keep seeing this ‘Swish’ guy EVERYWHERE! It’s an advertisement for mouthwash! He was on the front of Mega Mall too!!!

And I thought this was funny, the mini tissues I got at Watson’s drugstore were called mini hankies, hehehe!

F.B. ruining my picture, lol!

If you are getting married in the Philippines and you are a US citizen these requirements from the US Embassy in Manila Philippines, will be helpful: Getting Married in The Philippines.


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