Wedding Mix

I've put together a Wedding Mix CD. F.B. & I are not having a big wedding. We are just having a civil ceremony, but we will be having a "reception" or dinner party with his relatives after we get married and I've been thinking it would be nice to play some of our favorite music at our "reception". And we could also play it at our renewel ceremony when F.B. comes to the USA after our immigration paperwork is complete.

I definitely want to play our Best Of: Mahal Mix CD & The Walk to Remember Soundtrack since they mean alot to us but I also thought it would be special to create a Wedding Mix CD of love songs that we've shared throughout our relationship and to start our future on.

So I've come up with a playlist of 19 songs. I initially wanted 21 songs but they wouldn't all fit on one CD so I had to get rid of a few songs. I also still need to get F.B.'s opinion (if he wants to add any other songs or replace any, etc.) but here is what I came up with for our Wedding Mix. I've included links to where you can preview the songs if you haven't heard them already.

1. Brand New Day- Forty Foot Echo
2. It's Gonna Be Love- Mandy Moore
3. Just For You- William Tell
4. Everywhere- Michelle Branch
5. Wherever You Will Go- The Calling
6. Things I'll Never Say- Avril Lavigne
7. Unbelievable- Craig David
8. The Way- Clay Aiken
9. Kiss Me- Sixpence None The Richer
10. I'll Be- Edwin McCain
11. I Wanna Be With You- Mandy Moore
12. The Reason- Hoobastank
13. She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5
14. Again- Lenny Kravitz
15. Your Guardian Angel- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
16. Far Away- Nickelback
17. Godsend- DC Talk
18. A Moment Like This- Kelly Clarkson
19. If You're Not The One- Daniel Bedingfield

Edited the songlist and changed song #4 to Michelle Branch, (F.B.'s suggestion.)

  1. I think that wedding mix thing is a good idea. Those songs you picked are nice. I like 'em. Anyway, I'll look if there would be some other songs that we could consider putting into the mix too. *mwah*

  2. You are so sweet and romantic :) The wedding is near! I am so excited for you!

  3. hey Sarah, so glad you enjoy imax in the Phils! I've been spoilt there coz the theatres are nice, big and clean (at big malls) and I don't like the theatres here in our area coz they're old and just so yuck, in my opinion. I've also sneaked 2 water bottles in my purse at the theatre before (here in our area when we still went to theatres) lol!

  4. did you know that there is actually a song entitled "tunay na mahal". I saw it in youtube and I thought about you.
    best wishes to both of you!

  5. a walk to remember is one of my most favorite movies ever. i've seen it a gazillion times, never gets old.


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