Cupcake Bites!

I really love Bakerella's Blog! She is so creative! I think her creations are stunning; I'm always so impressed with what she comes up with. I've been wanting to try making her cake pops for awhile and I thought it would be easiest to start with her recipe for cupcake bites!

I used a store bought chocolate cake mix & chocolate fudge icing for my cake balls. I made the cake last night and let it cool, then after I mixed the cake & icing together I rolled them into mini balls and put them on cookie trays to freeze overnight- (only because I didn't have enough time to do everything last night!) The cake mix made nearly 70 of these!

When I came home from work today I got the cake balls out of the freezer and got my dark chocolate melts ready. I dipped the chocolate into candy molds and placed the cake balls into the chocolate to make the base of the "cupcake". I used white chocolate melts for the tops and I dyed them pink & purple with food coloring, and I used cinnamon drops to make the "cherry" on top.

I found it very tricky to coat the top of the "cupcake". It was hard to get the chocolate very smooth and even around the base. I am no where even near the quality of Bakerella's gorgeous cupcake bites! I did take a few pictures of the "cupcakes" I thought turned out best. There's quite a few "rejects" though, haha!

It also takes a heck of alot of time to prepare all of these. I would say I spent 2 hours each night making them. 4 hours total. They look cute though and they taste so unbelievably good! You have the crunchy dark & white chocolate coating on the outside and inside is moist chocolate cake & icing. Mmmmm! Heavenly!

I'm taking a bunch to work tomorrow to give out to my co-workers. And I'm taking some up to my cousins house for our "movie" night tomorrow. I won't be making these all the time, but they are fun for special occasions & holidays! :-)


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