Popcorn: July 4 1993 - March 18 2009

My cat Popcorn passed away around 8:30pm this evening. She was 15 years old. She seemed just fine today. I saw her in the morning before I left for work, cuddled up on the back of the sofa and I pet her head before I left. This evening she was okay too. My parents said she was even eating some leftover sausage scraps from dinner. My 14 year old brother Sean even gave her a bath.

Around 8pm my mother knocked on my bedroom door and told me Popcorn had had a violent seizure and that she was not doing well at all and asked if I wanted to come and see her. She was laid out on the sofa, next to my brothers still wet from her bath earlier. Her eyes were not blinking her one ear looked crooked and her tongue was protruding slightly. She was paralyzed. She would try to breathe every now and then give a horrible groan and her paws would twitch...

I called my vet but got the answering machine with the number for the emergency vet service. I called them and got directions and got dressed, I didn't want her to suffer all night... we were going to have her put to sleep. I was waiting for my parents to get ready when Popcorn wasn't making any noises. I felt for her heartbeat and it was still there and asked my brother to check too... but just as quick as that she wasn't with us anymore... and she passed away around 8:30pm....

My Dad & Scotty buried her outside under the trees. We said goodbye to her before they took her outside. It was just so sudden tonight... I wasn't expecting this at all. We were all talking about our cats this morning at work... I am very upset... my whole family is upset. We got Popcorn when I was just 11 years old, and I will be 27 this year... my brother Sean who is 14 is also really upset. When I first went away to the Philippines almost 3 years ago Popcorn became really attached to Sean and was his buddy. Goodbye Popcorn... we will miss you...

Four Feet in Heaven

Your favorite chair is vacant now...
No eager purrs to greet me.
No softly padded paws to run
Ecstatically to meet me.
No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry
Will say it's time for feeding.
I've put away your bowl, and all
The things you won't be needing;
But I will miss you little friend,
For I could never measure
The happiness you brought me,
The comfort and the pleasure.
And since God put you here to share
In earthly joy and sorrow;
I'm sure there'll be a place for you
In Heaven's bright tomorrow...

By, Alice E. Chase

  1. Oh, Sarah Lynn, I am so, so sorry about the passing of Popcorn. It sounds like it was very traumatic; I hope you are all helping each other as you grieve. May you always remember the good times, and may those thoughts bring you peace.

    PS- She must have been one patient cat to allow you cover her with packing peanuts!

  2. Popcorn had quite a full life being around for 15 years. I'm sure you have lotsa fun memories of her and that you'll miss her. Wish I could hug you.

  3. I am sorry about your cat! I haven't been reading blogs lately and just read about this today.


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