Meet Tansy!

It's been a very busy week and weekend for me. Last weekend I started looking for cats at different shelters in my area. I put in an application for one kitty but my application wasn't approved so I began my search again. Friday night my brother and I stopped at the Petco near my work because I wanted to apply for some shelter cats I had seen online at that location. We looked at all the cats and I really loved the cat named 'Sara'. She was so pretty and 1-2 years old, already spayed & litter trained.

I got the volunteer hours mixed up though. The volunteer hours were 6-8pm and it was 4pm. We wouldn't be able to fill out an application until then, so my brother & I decided to check out some other pet stores to see if they were selling kittens. We went to 3 different places but they only had male kittens. While at Neshaminy mall I got a great deal at American Eagle though. They were having buy one top get the other 50% off! I was able to get two hoodies for $21! Black & Hot Pink. American Eagle is one of my favorite stores and I love their sales & clearance prices.

We got back to the Petco around 7pm. I still didn't see any volunteers so I went to ask one of the cashiers that I was interested in adopting a cat and was there someone that could help me with an application? The cashiers didn't really know and said they would send someone over to help me. While I waited I decided to call the main branch of the shelter to ask if their volunteer was at this location because I didn't see anyone. (The cashiers never did send anyone over to help me.)

After I hung up with the shelter (they said they would check.) I finally saw the shelter's volunteer cleaning one of the cat's cages, so I waved through the glass and she came out to greet us and give us an application. (I also called the shelter back to say there was a volunteer here.) She came out to greet us and I told her the cashiers told me they didn't know where the volunteers were and she's like, "Oh... I can't believe them." She said the way they set the cages up in this store she had a hard time seeing people if she was in the back cleaning.

She was really nice and let me fill out an application and then came to meet with me and talk with me and ask me questions about my rats/pets and what would I do in different situations. I asked her lot's of questions about 'Sara'. She let my brother & I go in the back and meet her. She was very playful and let us pet her and she was loving on us and rubbing against our hands. After we talked some more the lady said she was going to approve me and I could either pick 'Sara' up another night or I could take her home with me that night! I didn't think I would be approved that fast since most shelters had a 7-10 day application process. I was so happy!

Her adoption fee was $50.00. I bought a pet carrier & Hill's science diet food she was eating at the shelter. With the new adoption coupons the total only came to $46.00 even though the food was $13.00 and the carrier was $60.00! After I signed my adoption contract and wrote a check to the shelter we were able to take her! The lady gave us her little mouse toy & ball toy to play with. Then we stopped at walmart to pick up some toys, a brush and a litter pan. I still have to get her a set of bowls, a collar & tag with her name on it.

I've decided to name her Tansy after the flowers. Because she's so sweet and has these big yellow eyes. I think she's a mix between a tortoiseshell and calico. Her belly is all white but her top is a mixture of brown, grey, orange tabby cat all mixed up. The shelter said she was found back in November as a stray in West Philadelphia. Poor girl.

Meet Tansy:

On her first night home she was so curious running all around and exploring. She didn't want to sit still. She can be very loving, loves to be pet, will rub up against people. But then she has her moments where she's had enough attention and will give you a look and try to swat you. She is still getting used to her surroundings though and I imagine she is just stressed and confused right now and it will takes some more time for her to feel comfortable in her new home and around us.

We discovered though... she tries to chew wires! So in the evening when we go to bed we've been keeping her in the downstairs bathroom which is very large, with her carrier, food & water and litter. (With the toilet closed of course.) In the morning she is allowed in the dining room and living room, but we've been keeping the bathroom/bedroom doors closed until she is used to the house. And she's not allowed in my bedroom because the rat's cage is in there and I don't want her sticking her paw in and getting bit or for her to hurt the rats in any way.

She's such an intelligent girl though... and naughty. Yesterday I was on my laptop in the living room and it got very quiet. I went into the dining room... and Tansy has somehow opened my mom's china cabinet and was inside! Here is what I saw:

She is a really sweet cat & I love her already. I really feel she was meant to be my cat just because the shelter had given her the name 'Sara'. Hehe. I have to make an appointment for her to get a check up at my vet probably the 2nd week of April.

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