I haven't updated in a few days, I was so busy this past week and yesterday was spent cleaning my entire room and doing laundry. Sugar had her visit at the vet on Tuesday for her sprain. He did an x-ray to make sure it wasn't a broken bone. Pretty weird seeing the inside of your rat on an x-ray! It was just a really bad sprain. He prescribed some metacam an anti-inflammatory for her to take for 2 weeks. She has to get it once a day and she just hates it, she will try to drool it out of her mouth. The swelling is decreasing slowly and it definitely doesn't look as bad as it did. He skin was really dry and peeling on her paw when the swelling started to go down though so I was putting a dab of olive oil on it to help keep it moisturized.

Finally got a quote on insurance for a new car. It would be $119 a month for full coverage from our State Farm Agent. That's not bad at all. I have to call one of the Nissan dealers back on Monday. He called twice during the weekend but I've been busy this weekend so I will get back to him on Monday. There's about 4 dealers in our area. And once I talk to the one dealer my dad & I are going to check out all the dealers maybe this coming weekend or next weekend. So maybe I will have a new car by March or so! I'm still interested in the Versa Sedan. I also found out one of my co-workers recently got the same car from the dealer right near my house. The same dealer I have to call back on Monday.

My own car was having issues with the shocks last week. I actually had to get a ride to work on Tuesday. It had snowed in the morning and when I started driving the car it was shaking and bouncing so badly I thought something was wrong with the tires. My dad ended up dropping me off at work and my co-worker gave me a ride home. Turns out my car has just entered old age. (It is a 93') I now have to let it warm up for 10-15min in extremely cold weather or else my shocks freeze up. I will be so happy if I am able to afford a new car this year!

F.B. & I were talking recently about snow and what he would think of it. He was wondering how he would drive in the snow & ice too and what it would be like to experience 4 seasons when he moves to the USA heehee.

I visited my Nana on Friday night. I haven't seen her since before I went away to the Philippines and I had some gifts for her and she wanted to see my trip pictures. The ratties paid her a visit too. I took the girls last time I visited. She loved my new girls Ginger & Nutmeg and she gave everyone a Hershey kiss. She said, "See if you come to visit Nana- you get candy!" So funny, heehee.

I ordered 'The True Life of Mary Stuart' by John Guy off of Ebay. I just started reading it and it's really good. I've been reading alot of books about Mary Queen of Scots lately.

I have to start working on getting Valentines stuff together for F.B. too. Though I think he may get his package after Valentines. I'm going to get our trip photos printed up and put into albums like I do every year for us. And I've got to get him a card and write a letter. I'm finally getting a paycheck this monday. I always hate coming back to work after being furloughed because it takes 3-4 weeks before you receive your first paycheck again!

  1. Sounds like you have been busy! A new car would be nice. I hate driving in the snow and ice...it's not fun and I couldn't imagine doing it without a 4wheel drive. I was a little shocked when I ready FB was moving to the states, I thought it was the other way around. I must really being losing my mind with this pregnancy!

  2. I first got here last year of Feb and I kept on complaining it was soooo cold!!!! I felt so embarrassed wearing a very thick jacket with fake fur (very disrtacting)in church when everyone were being comfy w/o jackets on. In my own words, it's like crazy super freezer but if it's colder in your place, I will let FB describe it in his own words hehehe. I'm trying my best to get used to the weather. The summers here are scorching hot! I almost passed out many times in our untinted car and I have cancelled a lot of planned trips on going to the beach coz I felt so dehydrated. I think my fave might be spring and autumn coz they're not the extreme kind of weather. Having 4 seasons is also nice but it will take me time to get used to it. What I also don't like about having 4 seasons is having these bunch of outfits LOL.

  3. It's interesting that the US has 4 seasons and around here in the Philippines we just have either sun or rain. haha. I guess it'll take me a while to get used to 4 seasons, but it's also somehow exciting to get to experience that, since that'll be something new for me. hehe...Btw, It's good to know that Sugar doesn't have any broken bones and that she's getting better.


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