Tagaytay & Enchanted Kingdom

Saturday F.B. & I took our day trip to Tagaytay City to see Taal Lake and volcano. It’s about a two hour drive. We arrived in Tagaytay around 12pm and headed to Taal Vista Hotel. We stayed there two years ago and there’s a nice view of the volcano around the back of the hotel. Lot’s of tourist’s were there taking pictures. It was sunny on and off during our drive and when we finally got to see the volcano it started to rain so we didn’t get too many pictures.

After seeing the volcano, we went to Yellow Cab pizza for lunch. We had the Hawaiian pizza and pasta. The restaurant had an even better view of the volcano, so we took more pictures from the balcony.

After lunch we headed off to the SM City mall in Santa Rosa. We got a little lost looking for the mall so it was around 3pm by the time we found it. We didn’t stay very long though, it was an okay mall. We also checked out their Robinson’s Mall, but that was even worse. Pretty boring.

Around 4pm we headed off to find the Enchanted Kingdom amusement park. F.B. had to stop at several gas stations to ask for directions and each one kept giving different ones. We were lost for awhile, but ended up seeing a pretty rainbow.

F.B.’s cruising picture:

After driving around for an hour we finally found the road we had arrived on. We could see the Ferris wheel in the distance, but couldn’t find the road to get there and there wasn’t any signs for the park, so F.B. had to ask for directions again. We arrived at Enchanted Kingdom at 5pm.

Some pictures from the park:

F.B. wanted to ride the swinging ship so we got in line for that. I think we spent most of the time waiting in line, than on the actual rides. I used to like those swinging ships when I was younger, but I was pretty scared this time, F.B. says the same thing. I think we’re too old now… hmmm. Heehee.

I wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel, which we got to do. That ride lasted the longest. It went around pretty fast too! Here are some pictures from our Ferris Wheel adventure.

By the time we went to our 3rd ride it was already 7pm and starting to rain. They had a small roller coaster that we wanted to try. (We were too scared to try the big roller coaster that went upside down and backwards, haha!) It was dark & raining by the time it was our turn on the roller coaster. Never been on a roller coaster during a rainstorm!

I got some souvenirs at the gift shop to take home to my brothers and F.B. bought me this light up pig pen which is also a fan! Whoo hoo! Check him out!

We left around 7:30pm and it was raining pretty hard. I wanted to stop at a rest stop on the way back because they had Cinnabon!!! They also had Starbucks. So we stopped and got a cinnamon bun to share and some Starbucks coffee. Yum! The Cinnabon tasted just like the USA, though it could have used a bit more icing.

Oh yeah…. And when I went to use the restroom at the rest stop the floors were all slippery because of the rain and I fell on my knees walking out of the restroom! F.B. saw me from the doorway… and about 3 other people… how embarrassing…

It was still raining when we arrived back around F.B. neighborhood around 10:30pm. We hadn’t had dinner so we went to the 24 hour Burger King near his house. F.B. showed me how to eat a whopper without making a mess! He doesn’t take it out of the wrapper all the way.

We got back to his house around 11:30pm. It was a long day…. We couldn’t get to sleep right away though and ended up staying up until 4am.

Oh yeah, F.B. and I tried Pizza Hut in the Philippines on Thursday. It was just okay though, we like Yellow Cab best. The only thing I really liked, was the plates they use, I wanted to steal one! (But I didn’t haha!)

I find it funny the phone number they use for delivery. (Don’t use that number in the USA!)

At Pizza Hut:

I also mailed a package home of Philippine goodies to my family on Thursday through DHL. F.B. & I bought a bunch of their favorite Philippine snack foods. Kopiko coffee candy, Clover Chips, Tempura chips, Choc-Nut, dried mango, etc. It was pretty expensive to mail home though. 3,800 pesos…. Almost $80!!!

P.S. Oh no! There was just a lizard on my laptop!

Then he jumped on F.B.'s shoulder!!!

Oh wait... just a fake! Haha!

But I really did see a lizard in the bathroom the other night, it ran away pretty fast behind the sink! Ewww!

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