Ark Avilon Zoo- Philippines

F.B. and I went to the Ark Avilon Zoo this evening. It's shaped like a giant "Noah's Ark". We tried to go on Wednesday but it was really crowded with lots of school children on field trips. So we went after church tonight around 7pm (near closing time) so it was nice and quiet and we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves. This zoo was much better than the Manila zoo. The animals look better cared for and were friendly.

We saw a lot of big cats, though the lions, leopards & jaguars were pretty sleepy. The tigers were really active. I got a video of one of the tigers stalking and slapping the other one. They were really playing around and chasing each other!

I’ll have to upload all of the videos I’ve been taking this trip to photobucket or youtube when I go home. F.B. just has dial up internet at his house so it's impossible to upload videos. It takes awhile to upload the photos.

Here are some pictures from the zoo:

The donkey loved me. He either wanted me to pet him or give him a treat, but I didn’t know if he’d bite.

Lot’s of different birds. (Even saw some turkeys, they should be very thankful there's no thanksgiving in the Philippines!)

Some fish:

I was really excited the zoo had rats & mice! I’ve never heard of Siberian Husky Rats. They were really cute though.

The mice were little hams. I have a video of them standing up and sniffing the glass. They seemed extra friendly. Usually mice are pretty hyper!

I was even more excited because they had 2 rat statues up front!

There was also this funny little petting & feeding area. They had rabbits, guinea pigs & chickens all together in the same pen! They were even getting along, just hanging out with each other! So crazy, never seen anything like that before, I got video of that too.

F.B. & I at the zoo:

Afterwards F.B. & I went to the supermarket and then we had dinner at Chow King (and of course Starbucks afterwards, we're addicted!) Next week we are going out for my “Thanksgiving”, and probably seeing a movie too.

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