Snack Time!

I thought I would share some pictures of the girls enjoying corn on the cob and yogurt peanuts. Hehe. They just love corn on the cob occasionally. Spice especially LOVES it as you can see from the pictures, hehe! (They clean the cob better than a human!) They love yogurt peanuts for a treat too. Though they all have different ways of eating them. Cinnamon will eat the yogurt off and leave the peanut. Spice will eat the yogurt, take the skin off the peanut & then eat the peanut. And Sugar eats the whole thing! Cinnamon is my chunky monkey. Ever since she had her emergency spay she's really chunked up. She weighs 1 pound 2 ounces, while Sugar & Spice weigh 15 ounces each.




I also ordered a rattie charm off of ebay and put it on a necklace. It's really tiny, but adorable!

And for an early birthday gift to myself I ordered a silver charm bracelet from Esquivel and Fees. I am getting my name 'Sarah' engraved on the charm in script. They make really nice handcrafted jewelry. They said it should ship in 2 weeks. I can't wait to receive it!

Only about 8 more weeks until my trip to the Philippines! I'm so excited! I have to start getting stuff I need to take with me. Also I'm still not furloughed from work... we've always been furloughed in August/September. This year we are getting in a ton of paperwork and they said that there was no talk of being furloughed. I talked to both my managers and they said I may be able to use what vacation time I have saved up and perhaps take leave without pay since I'll be in the Philippines for 2 months. They said they would discuss it with our department head. I always plan my trips for later in the year when I know I won't be working and it figures the one year I decide to stay 2 months I'm still working! I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be let go before my trip. The latest I can leave work is Friday October 3rd, since I'm leaving October 6th!

We want to stay in Makati City again for a few days. I really love it there. And last year I got to meet up with my friend Gayle. I think we might stay 3 days 2 nights. And I also want to visit a beach so, F.B. is going to talk to his Mom and see what's close by that we could drive to. Then we could stay a few days at the beach or a beach resort. I want beach pictures!

We'll also be celebrating our birthday's together this year, since F.B.'s birthday is October 9th. I think we'll be going to Saisaki Buffet for his bday. I already got him two gifts. hehe. I just ordered the 2nd today. I asked F.B. if he would get me Cueshe's new album. It came out in April and it's really tough to get Filipino bands here. I have their first 2 albums and I really want the new one!

F.B. and I have been talking about next year. And we've decided we'd like to get married in December, since that was the month we first met each other, first kiss, etc. It would be nice to get married in that month. No date set on that yet though, because it depends on how soon our paperwork gets done when I arrive next year. I have to get a paper from the US Embassy there that says I can marry and then we'd have to apply for a marriage license, then there's a 10 day waiting period & then make an appointment for a civil ceremony by a judge. So I'm thinking I'll arrive November next year and stay until January sometime. Then we want to take a honeymoon to Boracay!

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