Makati City, Yay!

Yay! So just 6 weeks until I am off to the Philippines! F.B. finally let me book our hotel for Makati City! We always stay in Makati City for a few days whenever I visit. F.B. was actually born in Makati City & it is just special to us, we have alot of memories there. We always stay at the Best Western Astor Hotel. I love that hotel. It's much nicer than the Best Western hotel's in the USA and the buffet breakfast/lunch is amazing! Plus it is within walking distance to Greenbelt & Glorietta Mall. And not such a far ride to Mall of Asia. We will be staying in Makati City October 13th-October 17th. 5 days 4 nights.

Breakfast Buffet at the Best Western Astor:

Hotel Lobby:

I booked the Best Western Astor hotel through It was $100 less than where I usually book our hotel. Whoo hoo! Only $55 a night instead of $80!

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