Foreign Food Cravings!

One thing about visiting a foreign country yearly is you develop cravings for certain foods or restaurants you can't visit every day. I am really craving Chow King, Yellow Cab or Gerry's Grill. Or Saisaki Japanese buffet! Yummy! Or just local food. I miss having Liempo. We would get it from a stand. It's sooo good. (It's roasted rotisserie pork with some kind of sauce.) Or pansit noodles! And I love when his Ate makes corn & crab soup with quail eggs. It's not like I can drive to these places. It will be 6 more months before I am back in the Philippines. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite Philippine Restaurants! (Please click on the links & they will take you to each restaurants website!)

1. Gerry's Grill
This is one of our favorite places to eat. It's almost like a Friday's or Applebee's only Filipino style. We usually order the same stuff, though we might switch up the rice or appetizer. On this occasion we had Lumpia (Spring Rolls,) Sugba Kilaw (Grilled Pork & Raw Fish), Seafood Rice & Grilled Squid. Yum! (And yes... we ate it all! haha!)


 2. Chow King
Chow King is fast food Asian food. Whenever we go here we usually order the same meal: Sweet & Sour Pork, Rice, Pansit, Dumplings, Prawn Crackers & this little dessert thing with sesame seeds and cinnamon inside.

3. Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
This became one of our new favorite places to eat on my last visit in January. The picture below is the New York Special- with everything. And the Charlie Chan Pasta with Chicken & Peanuts. We've also tried their Veggie Pizza & Hawaiian Pizza. And we also got chicken & shrimp in the pasta once which was so good! I'm not a pizza person, but I LOVE Yellow Cab Pizza!

4. Tokyo Tokyo
This is where F.B. & I went on our first date together. That was the first time I tried Sushi. Tokyo Tokyo is fast food Japanese. We usually order California Maki (Roll) Sushi. And I'll get the Shrimp Tempura meal which also comes with rice & vegetable misono. (Kinda like coleslaw without mayo?) F.B. usually eats the veggie stuff, I don't like it much.

5. Jolliebee
I've only eaten at Jollibee once. I had a chicken sandwich (with cheese!) and french fries. I think I'd like to try one of their hamburgers though. Jollibee is a competitor with Mc Donalds in the Philippines. They have the largest french fries I've ever seen at Jollibee! Just look at the picture below with F.B.'s hand to scale!

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