Dude! My Tampons are in the Philippines!

*Dude... this post sure gets a lot of views! over 3,000+ since I posted it in 2008. :-p 

I was thinking tonight about relationships and how if you're serious you might leave some of your belongings at your boyfriend or girlfriend's house. Well... my fiance lives on the other side of the world! It's a 12 hour difference from Philadelphia to the Philippines... but I have belongings... stuff of mine... in the Philippines! In another country! In his house! Like my awesome purple Nine West carry-on bag that I sadly had to leave behind because I couldn't stuff it into my suitcase. Or my purple stuffed kabayo (horse). My fluffy white xmas blanket, my purple embroidered 'Sarah' towel. Several t-shirts I sleep in. My Dove body wash, St. Ive's clay mask, Sunsilk Conditioner, Vanilla Secret deodorant. My shower pouf, my toothbrush! And... tampons! I have a box of tampons waiting for me in the Philippines! HAHA! That's so crazy to me!

BTW... on my first trip to the Philippines back in 2006 I had a girly "emergency" and we went to the drugstore. They had shelves & shelves of pads... but no tampons! I almost cried. The next day when F.B. woke me up he says, "I have a present for you..." It was tampons! I said, "Thank you soooo much!" He said, "I had to ask my aunt and she knew where to find some."

It is EXTREMELY difficult to find tampons in the Philippines... in fact the only kind we could find were in Watson's drugstore in the city. They were O.B. tampons, 8 in a box with no applicator! So yeah... if you're ever in the Philippines bring LOTS of tampons! My cousins said if I ever move there when F.B. & I get married they will ship tampons to me for holidays!!!

Another thing... when visiting the Philippines. 90% of the public restrooms will not have toilet paper! I didn't know this the first time F.B & I went out on a date to the mall. I used the rest room ("CR" or "Comfort Room" in the Philippines) and there was no toilet paper! Luckily I had some Kleenex with me! I said to F.B. "You didn't tell me they don't have toilet paper in public restrooms!" His answer: "I'm sorry... I didn't know. I've never been in the girls bathroom." HAHA! So remember! Have tissues with you at all times when you're in the Philippines!

Just some silly things I was thinking about tonight!

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