My Favorite Music.

I went out Friday evening with my cousins & my brother. We had Chinese for dinner. (Yum! Sesame shrimp & Egg drop soup!) Then we went to the movies to see, 'The Dark Knight'. We pre-ordered our tickets online, which was a smart idea because the theater was mobbed when we arrived. The ticket line was out the door! The movie was very good. (Long too!) The joker freaks me out, he is so creepy. I still don't understand why Katie Holmes didn't resume her role in the Batman sequel as Rachel though.

I ordered two new books from They arrived earlier this week. The Redheaded Princess by, Ann Rinaldi & The Life And Death Of Anne Boleyn by, Eric Ives. I finished the first one and I'm halfway through the 2nd one. I'm a fast reader, haha.

Anyway, since I made the post about all of my favorite books awhile ago; I wanted to do one with all of my favorite music. You can view my list by clicking on the pictures below or by going to my profile on Enjoy!

Infinity on HighFrom Under the Cork TreeTake This to Your GraveMake YourselfMorning ViewLight GrenadesS.C.I.E.N.C.E.A Crow Left of the MurderThe ReasonHoobastankEvery Man for HimselfThe+Red+Jumpsuit+Apparatus+is+a+band+...One X12 StonesPhotobucket · Photobucket ...Anthem for the UnderdogKutlessSea of FacesHearts of the Innocentdel album To Know That You're AliveStrong TowerForty Foot EchoAftershockSongs About JaneMaroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before ...Paper WallsOcean AvenueLights and Soundspanic-at-the-disco.jpgBlackbirdOne Day RemainsGreatest+Hits+(w/+Bonus+DVD)My Own PrisonHuman ClayWeatheredEverything You WantLadies and gentlemen: Dishwalla.DishwallaAll+the+Right+ReasonsThe Long RoadSilver Side UpThe StateCurbHybrid TheoryBlackoutGreatest Hits: My PrerogativeDignityHilary DuffFutureSex / LoveSoundsJustifiedBreakawayThe Very Best of Sheryl CrowThe CollectionGreatest HitsTake It All AwayYou Stand WatchingBittersweet WorldAutobiographyI Am MeThe Best Damn ThingLet GoUnder My SkinTragic KingdomThe Spirit RoomHotel PaperBe Not NobodyYourself or Someone Like YouMad SeasonCueshe's Available Album:Back to MeJars of ClayMuch AfraidIf I Left the ZooThe Eleventh HourWho We Are InsteadNo Name FaceStanley ClimbfallLifehouseWho We AreJesus FreakSupernaturalLove Liberty DiscoGoing PublicStep up to the Microphone40 AcresIn the Company of Angels: A Call to WorshipBack HomeLong Line of LeaversTransformWorship GodcandycoatedwaterdropsSONICFLOOdMuchOfferings: A Worship AlbumConspiracy No. 5UnderdogDrawing Black LinesTruthless HeroesProject 86SatelliteThe Fundamental Elements of SouthtownPayable on Death (with Bonus DVD)A Walk to RememberThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants13 Going on 30Coyote Ugly (2000 Film)Freaky FridayConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
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Just another day...

I am home from work today because of a family emergency. I will most likely be off work tomorrow also because of things. Very stressful & emotional time at home right now. My mom was in the hospital last night. It's not something I want to go into on my blog though. Personal family issues. Please just keep me & my family in your thoughts & prayers. Thanks. I did get to talk to F.B. on the phone this morning for about 40 minutes which was nice. I really needed him.

In other news: My treadmill arrived Friday. My brother helped me assemble it. It took from 7pm-9pm. Mostly because we had to take apart my old broken treadmill to even get it out of my room. I was just able to use it tonight. Only for 15 minutes. But wow... that thing can fly! I got the: Weslo Cadence C44 Treadmill from

I believe the motor in my old treadmill was going. Sometimes during the middle of a workout while changing speeds it would blow a fuse and I would have to turn it on again and lose my distance/time/calories burned. Also it never seemed like run was "run". The new one has a slight incline already on it and you can adjust the incline a bit more too. So now I have to get used to the speeds of this new one. jog on this new treadmill is like run! I was out of breath. It looks like I'll be getting even more of a workout with the new treadmill and that incline definitely works the muscles in my legs! After 15 minutes I was sweating up a storm and I already had 2 fans on!

I do miss a few things about my old treadmill that the new one doesn't have. The old treadmill had a red display for the numbers- easier to read than black numbers on a gray background. I don't have any rubber grip on my handles and there's not much space on the tray to hold stuff except water bottles. My ipod video does not fit. My old display could hold everything I needed. Water bottle, chap stick, glasses, elastic bands, ipod. Oh well. At least it will give me a good workout!

I am excited though, because the plus reading is definitely more accurate than my old treadmill. The old one would say my heart rate was 70 after running. The new one said 160. That sounds more normal. And the calorie burning seems more accurate too. Now to workout all this week, even if it's just 15 minutes! I have to get used to the new speeds!

My ratties have been keeping it interesting. I had them outside one day a few weeks ago in the enclosed flower bed for less than 10 minutes. Sugar ended up getting a tick on her. It was such a pain to get out of her because it had gotten under her skin near her one ear. Then I had her on the antibiotic Cipro (Had half a bottle left from Cinnamon's spay.) for a week just to make sure she didn't get an infection or lyme disease. Now I've been spraying them down with small animal flea/tick spray if I do decide to take them outside.

Sugar hated the Cipro though. I had to give it to her in an oral syringe and this is what she had to say about it:

Then the day before the 4th of July Cinnamon ended up getting something in her eye. I'm not sure what it was. It looked like a small piece of gray cardboard or a paint chip to me. I tried flushing her eye out with saline, water. I even tried to get it out with my finger or by massaging her eye. After about an hour of messing with her eye I decided to call the vet. They saw her 30 minutes later and took her in the back to flush her eye out. The vet said he even had a hard time getting it out it was sticking in there really good! He did get it out though thank goodness! I think Cinnamon must have 9 lives or something. She's been to the vet 5 times & my other two have never been! (*crosses fingers*)

Spice hasn't gotten into any trouble lately. *knocks on wood* She's just been chillin' this summer:

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone! Our cat Popcorn turned 15 today. When my brothers & I were younger we used to give our cat birthday parties with a can of tuna fish. Sadly we outgrew it, so she hasn't had a birthday party in 7 years!

Popcorn on her 1st birthday (1994):

Since she is turning 15 this year we decided to throw her a party. As you can see, she really enjoyed her tuna!

Day At The Park.

Went to the park today and took the ratties. It was sunny & around 82 degrees. Walked around for about 2 hours and took lots of pictures! Here's some pictures from today:

You can check out all the photos from today here!

In other news my new treadmill should be arriving sometime next Thursday. So I'll have a fun weekend putting that together! I really miss my treadmill! I think it breaking & having to buy a new one is going to make me commit to working out full time again. I needed that push. I also am getting my star tattoos re-touched again Saturday. Still not completely satisfied with the color.

Staying home for the 4th of July with the family for a picnic. My Dad is going to use the barbecue sauces I got him for Father's Day. I ordered him: Bone Suckin' Sauce, Fat Bastard Hickory Smoke Sauce & Fat Boy Steak Rub from the Barbecue Store Hehe! They even send you mints with your order & they replaced one of the sauces that leaked during shipping free of charge! I'm meeting up with F.B. for a "date" online tomorrow afternoon and I'm back to work on Monday. I took off a week. Paid Vacation. I needed a "Mental Health Week". Thank God for Government Jobs. Happy Early 4th of July to everyone!

P.S. Did anyone hear they are closing 600 Starbucks stores in the USA?! Noooo! I hope none of the ones near me close. I love my drive thru one. And I need my Friday Starbucks Fix. I LOVE White Chocolate Mocha Frappucinos! Yummy! I got addicted to Starbucks when I was in the Philippines. Heehee!

(Me at Starbucks in Mall of Asia- Manila Philippines.)

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