Some Organization!

My bookshelves from Walmart arrived this week and tonight with the help of one of my brothers we got them put together. The boys cage fits perfectly on the smaller bookshelf. I didn't put anything on the shelves yet, so no pictures of that. I did get my books organized on the 5 tier bookshelf though. Surprised I could fit my enormous library on it! I do still have a lot of books on the back of my bed too, so this isn't all of them!

Here are some pictures of the 5 tier bookshelf:

And I finally got my Philippine rattie collection out of my suitcase!

Yes... I still have two suitcases I need to unpack. I've just been taking stuff out as I need it since I came home the end of January! I will finish unpacking and put away the suitcases when I tackle my closet organization! I still want to pick up 2 under the bed plastic containers and some smaller shoebox size ones to help with organizing my closet. I also want to get a new night table. So... slowly I am getting my room organized. Some of the bigger projects will be ripping out the crappy built in desk that is falling apart (a must to fit a bigger bed in the room!), painting my room, getting a new bed, new curtains, etc, later this year!

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