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A friend of mine recently experienced some unnecessary drama and backlash after posting a lukewarm review. I wanted to to create something positive out of this whole situation, and that is the 'Honest Blogger' button. 

As a blogger you want to give a fair review. You want to be honest. And we should never be afraid to post our genuine thoughts on a product, no matter what. Not everyone wants to read a blog where all the products are fabulous like unicorns and rainbows. This is real life. I'm sorry but, shit cannot be gold no matter how much you polish it!

If you're doing a press sample review, it is considered proper etiquette to run your review by the maker or company, so that any little issues or product problems can be resolved beforehand. (This is not necessary for something you've purchased yourself. That is up to your own discretion). You should never feel bullied or intimidated to not share your genuine experience with a product in a tactful manner. And if a maker or company, or it's "fans" are doing this do you- you probably shouldn't work with them in the future. A good maker or company should be able to handle a little criticism in a professional manner, and come out looking better for it. 

Honest reviews are what helps our readers decide if a product is for them. Just because it doesn't work for you as the blogger, doesn't mean the product won't work for someone else. But as an honest blogger we are committed to letting our readers know about any little issues we may have with a product. 

"Always be honest. Always be tactful. Never let yourself be bullied. And never let someone steal your shine". That's the Honest Bloggers motto.

It's sad this even needs to be said, but it's true. All too often bloggers are bought or bullied into giving a sugar coated review.

If you want to share this button on your blog or website, please feel free. (You can even share it on your 'about me' or 'disclosure' page). Let your readers know you are committed to giving them 100% honest reviews.

Honest Blogger

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P.S. You can find my button on my Disclosure Page. 

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