10 Year Anniversary!

My husband & I first started dating 10 years ago today! Yes... on April Fool's Day... lol! 04/01/2004. I can't believe it's been a decade already.... absolutely crazy...

I've cataloged our relationship over the years on my blog so check out: Our Time Line.

And, since I'm feeling nostalgic today, here's a preview of our Mahal Mix Tape. (Song preview links on Amazon).

P.S. I'm a bit incapacitated this week... I somehow strained/sprained my middle finger using the touch pad on my laptop while editing photos... it's extremely painful and my knuckle is all swollen. Never had this happen. :-( I still have quite a few photo's I need to edit, but I don't have many blog posts scheduled. Blah... but don't worry, there will be another nail polish post up on Thursday... Enchanted Polish... so stay tuned! :-)

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