NYC Color Swatches

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I have some NYC Color polishes to share with you today! These polishes were sent to me for review. I have some colors from the Long Wearing line and the Quick Dry Line.

NYC Colors, in A New York Minute: Prince Street is a beautiful royal purple with a metallic finish. The formula is nice and thick (but not goopy) and you could get away with 2 coats, though I did 3 for the photos below. It also dries with a nice shiny finish. I did not have to use a topcoat.

NYC Colors in A New York Minute: Big City Dazzle is on my ring finger, it's a really pretty glitter with pink, blue and silver. 3 coats of the glitter.

NYC Matte Topcoat: Matte Me Crazy. I was impressed with this matte coat. It applies evenly with the wide brush and it doesn't have a strong odor. The matte effect is really nice. Matte About You, retails for $1.99.

This is Prince Street & Big City Dazzle with the Matte Topcoat. 

NYC Long Wearing: Lexington Lilac
 is a gorgeous lilac. The formula was a bit thin, you have to apply carefully so you don't flood your cuticles. I used 3 coats. This polish dries with a high shine finish, I'm not wearing a topcoat in the photo below.

NYC Long Wearing: Pink Bling is on my ring finger. It has pink and silver glitter. I did 3 coats of the glitter.

This is Lexington Lilac & Pink Bling with the Matte Topcoat.

The Long Wearing Line retails for .99 cent. 

The Quick Dry line retails for $1.99. To be honest, these did not dry that fast for me. Two coats took about 5 minutes and it was longer with each additional coat... but then again I've been spoiled with using Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat for the past few years. 

NYC In A New York Minute: Precious Peacock is a lovely dark turquoise with a metallic finish. I absolutely love the color, but I had a lot of trouble applying this. It's incredibly sheer. I needed 4-5 coats to make it opaque. Also, whenever I would try to put on another coat, I would swipe off some of the polish underneath, so it was very frustrating. Since I was stamping over this I used Seche Vite Topcoat. I used Messy Mansion plate MM21 & Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Style Steel to stamp with. The color was perfect for my dragon scale nails!

Now, I did do a test on my thumb. If you put a coat of black polish first, you can get away with just 2 coats of Precious Peacock and it will look like the color in the bottle! It really is a beautiful color, and that makes it much easier to work with!

NYC In A New York Minute Quick Dry: Spring Street is a bright, almost neon orange. The formula is thick, but you still have to be careful not to flood your cuticles. I could have done two coats, but for pictures I did three. I did use Seche Vite topcoat since I was stamping, but this polish normally dries with a shiny finish on it's own. I used Messy Mansion Chevron plate MM12 & Konad Special White stamping polish.

What do you think of these colors? NYC Color nail polishes can be found for retail at: Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, Target, K-Mart.

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