Updated DIY Lightbox.

I've made a few small changes to my DIY Light Box. (You can see the original post here). The biggest change was that I got some white contact paper from Dollar Tree and covered the back and bottom with it. I was getting too much cardboard in the background in some of my photos. I replaced the 2 pieces of paper over the contact paper.

The 2nd change was I now only have one light facing through the tissue paper. The left light stays in the same position. What I started doing with the right clamp lamp was pointing it diagonally inside the right corner of the box. Occasionally depending on how I want the lighting I also sometimes put it inside the left corner too. Or if I want to get really creative and I need just the right lighting, I sometimes balance the clamp lamp in the crook of my right elbow while taking photos of my right hand, lol!

Updated photos of my DIY light box currently:

I also position my lights like this:

What my DIY light box looked like before:

Since using the DIY lightbox I've stopped using the auto setting on my Sony Cybershot W690. I don't use a flash when I'm taking photos in the light box. I also set my white balance to something called setting 1 for florescent lighting. My photos were looking too red with the auto setting. (Sony camera's take warmer photos).

Out of camera photo before editing:


I edit all of my photos using PaintShop Pro Photo XI. What I normally do first is crop and sharpen my photo. Then I usually increase the brightness by 15, maybe more. I also increase the saturation to 5 to boost the color. Then I run it through the photo effect called Time Machine: Cross Process. Most all my photos go through this filter. (That's why you see a black and white frame around my photos). I usually set the effect to 2 or 3. (For pet photos I set the effect to 5.)

***Original DIY light box instructions were posted by The Daily Varnish*** 

Products I use and own:

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