Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We had a quiet Christmas. Christmas Eve we had Alfredo sauce & bow tie pasta with mushrooms & bacon. And strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Christmas tree at 30th Street Station, Philadelphia

F.B. & I exchanged gifts Christmas Eve. We're poor, so we just got each other 1-2 gifts each. I got F.B. The Dark Knight Trilogy Dvd & 84 mini bags of Herr's Potato Chips!

F.B. got me the Victoria's Secret Pink set. My favorite perfume.

Christmas Day we met my parents & brothers at a Chinese Buffet near Franklin Mill's Mall. Then we went back to my parents house to exchange gifts. My parents got us a George Foreman Grill so we can grill at our apartment now! :-)

New Year's Eve we stayed home. I cooked a ham and homemade mashed potatoes. Around 11pm we watched the Rockin' New Years Eve on 6abc and had crackers, cheese, pepperoni and toasted with Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider.

And just some other random Instagram Photos...

 My new favorite red wine.

 Black Converse All Stars with silver sequins I got on eBay!

In work news, I was furloughed on December 21st... but... my manager just called me today and I will be back to work January 8th. So it was a pretty short furlough. My unemployment wasn't even set up yet, though I can still claim for the weeks I did not work. 

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