Goodie's from Phil-Am again!

We had a little extra money this past paycheck. So I got to order some Scentsy stuff from my cousin Chrissy. And we ordered some more Philippine goodies from Phil-Am Food again. Yay!

This time I ordered some frozen items to try. It's $8.99 extra for them to ship frozen food to you, but it comes in a Styrofoam cooler with ice packs shipped in a regular box. And everything was still frozen when it arrived. (It only took about 1 day to be delivered to us from New Jersey to Philadelphia, even with regular shipping).

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Our loot: Snack foods, soups, canned quail eggs, sauce & seasoning mixes, pancit noodles, etc, etc, etc!!!

Vaseline shampoo is the best! I also love this purple Palm Olive shampoo. It has coconut oil in it. It leaves my hair really soft & shiny.

The Vaseline soap I wanted to try. Icy Cool sounded neat- but it was disappointing. It just smells like... soap, lol. Like Ivory soap or something. Nothing special. I thought maybe it would have eucalyptus or menthol or mint in it...

The frozen goodies! Pork siopao, Pork Tocino & Lumpia! (Lumpia is like a skinny spring roll/egg roll). 

For dinner on Tuesday we had Knorr corn & bacon soup. (We usually get corn & crab- I ordered some of those too, hehe!) And we tried the frozen siopao. They were amazing! You steam them wrapped in a damp paper towel in the microwave for about 2 minutes each. They were pretty large. The bun had a really nice sweet taste and the meat inside had actual pork chunks & the sauce was savory. We definitely would order the siopao again!

We had the pork tocino tonight for dinner. We had a 'Pinoy' breakfast, as my husband said. I cooked up the pork tocino, and we had it with fried eggs & rice. The pork tocino was really good.

And because I always like trying new stuff. I ordered these seaweed chips. They are made in Thailand.They were more poofy than crispy. But still really good. The flavor is salty & a bit fishy, it reminds me of sushi in that way. The seaweed itself reminds me of spinach.

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