Yay! More Phil-Am Goodies!

We ordered some more Philippine goodies from Phil-Am Food the other day. They are always super quick with shipping... (but then again New Jersey is pretty close to Philadelphia). ;-) I put in our order on Sunday and our items arrived this morning. I always loved shopping in the supermarkets in the Philippines, and I'm always excited to try foreign foods. Hubby & I ordered lot's of goodies! It was like Christmas today!

(Click to make the photos larger).

All our goodies!


I ♥ quail eggs, they are like mini hard boiled eggs, we usually have them in Corn & Crab soup. I'm also going to put them in pansit when I make it. (Pansit is similar to American/Chinese Lo Mein).

These are so yummy! Creamy milk coconut (buko) candy. But... I dunno what screw pine is though?! Whatever the Pandan is. :-)

Salted eggs are soooo good!

The salted eggs I've eaten in the Philippines, had shells that were dyed red. These taste exactly the same though. Mmmm. My husband's family always slices them in half & then you scoop out the inside. It's very salty & the egg has a creamy texture. It's very good! :-)

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