2 new men in my life.

So... I have 2 new men in my life... lol. Teddy & Templeton. It was time for a change after losing 2 female ratties. Curry & Aspen now have 2 little brothers. ♥

Teddy is a cocoa Berkshire. But he also has some sort of mask on his face that makes him look slightly like a raccoon. And Templeton is beige variegated & I think he may have a blaze.

Yes... I am the crazy rat lady with a dozen ratties. :-p

  1. Lucky guys! I'm sure they'd give you much joy in the days to come! =)


  2. Oh my gosh, Teddy is adorable! I miss my ratties. =( I'm starting to wish I'd forked over the outrageous deposit... but I definitely want boys next time, Zoie & Civil were NOT cuddly girls! ;)

  3. Boys are definitely more laid back. I haven't had any really cuddly boys, but they are calmer than girl rats. Hoping 1 of these guys becomes a cuddle bug though. :) I've had both kinds of females. I have a few right now that don't particularly love to be handled. And then I have others that love cuddling and giving kisses.


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