Daisy & her wheel!

My husband & I were at Petco last night getting some food & treats for the ratties. He talked me into buying another wheel for the rats. (9 inch wheel) I had one a long time ago and the ratties never used it, so I ended up donating it to Star's Rat Rescue.

Well... this time... I finally have a rattie that uses it! Daisy my curly haired blue rex girl started using it this afternoon. She loves it! She runs round and round. Then she'll stop and take a break for water or to relax, but then she's right back on there running around. (She's running as I write this, haha!) The other girls come down to take a peek at her, so maybe one of them will get the hint that's it's a toy for them!

Here's a video of Daisy running on her wheel!

  1. Too cute!! She knows the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.


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