Violet ♥

Please meet sweet little Violet. She's a baby PEW. ♥ We got her today. She was a curious little rat with her paws up against the glass staring at us. ♥


I've updated My Pet Rat Page with some new pictures.

Also, Star's Rat Rescue currently has 50+ rats in the rescue, they need help with donations to buy food & other necessities. I've adopted 7 of my rats from SRR. So if you can help contribute please click on the Chip In below to donate! 

You can also join us at the Star's Rat Rescue forum. We would love to have you there to chat about your rats!

  1. Welcome Miss Violet! (She sure knows a soft-heart when she sees one, huh?) :) I hope she fits in great with your rattie clan.

  2. She is so adorable!! Welcome Violet!


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