Blogs of Interest and... 1 week!

I've been very lucky lately with blog giveaways! I won 2 recently! And besides my prizes, I wanted to share these awesome blogs with you guys!

I won Sprinkle's Cupcake mix, heart cupcake cups, other goodies & a cute green apron from Jessica at Jesstagirl & Her Officer! I'm saving the cupcake mix to make when my husband is here!

Please check out Jessica's blog. She is a newlywed living in Georgia with her military spouse, Kenny. They are about to start a whole new adventure when they move to Italy soon!

I also won some Pelle Beauty Mocha Lipbalm & Pelle Beauty samples from Marnie at What Red Said. Marnie sells Pelle Beauty products which are all natural. Check out Marnie's blog which is a mix of health tips, life & humor and also check out the Pelle Beauty website!

There is just about 1 week left until my husband F.B. arrives from the Philippines! He will be here NEXT Sunday... which is just crazy! We've been together 6 1/2 years and have been married a little over a year now. It's weird because we spent our first year apart. We were only together 1 month after our wedding before I had to come back to the USA and we started on immigration. It will be a big adjustment for us both to be living together for good. And it will also be a culture adjustment for F.B. moving to the USA.

Our new bed from Sear's arrived today! I have to put our new pillows, sheets and blankets on the bed next weekend before F's arrival. I also still have to hang up some of my pictures since the walls have been painted. I got a full Sealy bed for now, since my room is on the small size. It's really comfortable! It's got a pillow top with a layer of memory foam. It's also REALLY HIGH up, lol! I feel like I need a step stool to get into bed now, hehehe!

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  1. One more week, how exciting! Thanks for the shout out, that was really nice of you.

    That cupcake kit looks really yummy. The hearts will be perfect for when your Husband arrives :0)

    Marnie xo

  2. Lucky girl! 2 blog wins and a husband in one week! LoL! Congrats on your wins and on having your hubby "home" in just a week. I'm so excited for you! I'm super glad it didn't take the original 16-18 months you expected. Enjoy the last few days of having that nice, new bed allll to yourself. *wink*

    Many hugs, Miss Sarah Lynn!

  3. congratulations! you are one lucky girl, so many good things lately and i can imagine the excitement with FB coming soon.

    Oh, and im sorry about Basil.

    PS> yes flying is so scary nowadays. I don't think I will ever get used to it.


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