21 things I hate about 15+ hour flights

A little humor! I've taken six 15+ hour flights now, so I'm used to it. But there are little annoyances on every flight. I'm sure anyone that has taken a flight, can relate.

1. When you've been up for 24 hours already and the person next to you decides they want to be chatty while you want to sleep!

2. The person next to you that keeps poking you when the flight attendants come by with snacks or meals even though you have a blanket & sleep mask on!

3. Having to pee during a 15+ hour flight when you have a window seat & your seatmates are sleeping. (Believe me by the time you've flown a 15+ hour flight 6 times you'll be elbowing people when you have to pee!)

4. Finally waking up your seatmates to go pee as soon as the SEATBELT sign comes back ON and the Captain tells everyone to remain seated!

5. Trying to figure out how to work the toilet & sink in the bathroom. And trying to move around in there without hitting your elbows on the wall.

6. Trying to cram your carry on bag in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

7. Having beer being spilt all over you by your seatmate and hoping customs won't think you're the one intoxicated. (All while wishing you were intoxicated!)

8. Really hating the 3-1-1 rule because they won't let you bring water on board at the airport in Hong Kong, China (even past security!) And those little plastic cups of water the flight attendants give do not begin to quench your dehydration...

9. Being on the runway for 3 hours because the air conditioning unit fell off the plane...

10. Looking through the Sky Mall catalog 5x's before you even take off.

11. Delays, Delays & more delays. Weather, Snow, Mechanical, etc...

12. Turbulence.... while you are trying to eat the airline meal!

13. Trying to take off or put on your shoes & tie the laces while the person in front of you has their seat reclined.

14. Falling asleep only to wake up 8 hours later & realize you're still on the plane and there's at least 7 more hours to go!

15. Sleeping through the on board movie only to wake up after it's over and see the plane on the map is still flying somewhere over Antarctica!

16. Trying to sleep even though you can't stretch your legs out fully... (Thank god for sleeping pills!)

17. When you're sleeping & your seatmate decides to turn on the bright @$$ overhead light. (Always bring a sleep mask!)

18. Babies. Crying on 15+ hour flights. Enough said...

19. Looking out the window, seeing the sun & the moon and then the sun again all while you're still in the air!

20. During landing the lights go off & on, the luggage in the overhead bins slams around and the man across the aisle crosses himself.

21. Finding your luggage is on a later flight to Philadelphia from Chicago. (Hey! At least you made the plane!)


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