Completely forgot to mention...

I mailed off my passport to the Philippine Consulate in New York almost 2 weeks ago for my 59 day tourism visa! And if my application and paperwork is filled out properly, etc. I should be getting my passport back with my visa in a few more weeks.

I still have to go shopping for another medium roll away suitcase. Last time I went away I just took one big HUGE roll away suitcase. It ended up being overweight on the way home and the airline made me repack it. It's a pain to take more than 1 suitcase (for me.) because when I get back to the USA, I always have to claim my luggage and then recheck it after I've been through customs.

But... this time I'm going to take two suitcases. I have a large but not over large purple roll away I've taken with my before, and I'm going to get a medium one as well so that way the weight my luggage will be more even and I hopefully won't have any issues with overweight luggage. So far according to my airlines rules, I shouldn't have to pay any extra for 2 bags since I'm traveling to Asia. But if I run into baggage fees, I'll just have to deal with it.

F.B. & I have been in discussions about a possible date for our wedding. His parents want to give us a reception and will have to make arrangements to set that up and they will also have to give the judge that will be marrying us a specific date. We've narrowed it down to a few different dates in December that will give us enough time to get our paper work done but nothing is definite yet, and... since I still want to do a wedding date blog giveaway, I won't be sharing it on here even when we do know. *wink*

  1. The airlines rules keep changing, and it's never for the better either. I mean, I know it's for our "safety" and whatnot, but some of them are just plain ridiculous. And the worst part about traveling to the Philippines, is leaving the Manila airport! You have to pay some BS "departure fee" and they check your bags like 50x before you even get to your gate. It's so pointless and ridiculous. One time, one of the guards was rifling through my underwear in my bag. I told him not so nicely that he wasn't going to find anything worth of value in my underwear collection.

    Okay, I know my comment was totally on a tangent from what your entry is about, but reading about the airline rules just brought up those unpleasant memories! LOL

  2. I hope all works out with the paperwork. So is it this Dec that you will be getting married? How exciting! :)

  3. I'll be arriving on Sep 20 but will fly early to CA on the 16th. We'll be back here by Nov. 5. It's too bad we won't see each other. It would have been so cool if we meet in person! Maybe next time.


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