Monday, June 29, 2009

Sugar in the newspaper!

The Metro Newspaper started a 'pet of the week' article. I sent in Sugar's picture and it was published in today's newspaper.

Of course I was late to work today because I had to take Sugar to the vet. (How Ironic!) When I got to work everyone was like, "Hey! You're in the newspaper, you're famous!" Hahaha! I scanned the article to share:

Here are the original photos:

Sugar had her appointment at the vet. And we are going to use the same treatment we did last time that helped clear up her abscesses. He gave her a Baytril injection and more Clindrops for 2 weeks. While she was there she somehow managed to get her scab open and was bleeding so he had to take her in the back to cauterize her wounds. Poor Girl. He also said because of her age it could be risky to have her 2 mammary tumors removed and as long as she is eating & getting around she should be okay.

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