So as I mentioned the other day my brand new 3 week old Nissan Versa has a few scratches on the hood. It happened last Friday. I was at several stores and in several parking lots that night. Either someone scraped it with a key, walked into it or was sitting on it with the back pocket buttons of their jeans. The only thing I can think of is when I stopped at Walmart there was this sports car parked next to mine and these teenage guys hanging around admiring it. So maybe they leaned or sat on the front hood of my car and accidentally scraped it. Either that or someone scraped it intentionally. Either way it really really sucks! My first payment is due on Saturday.

I took the car up to the dealership today. I had to leave work an hour early to drive up there. When I called the salesman that sold me the car yesterday he said to bring it up and he would look at it and see if they could just buff it out. Well, they tried buffing it out with their strongest stuff and the 2 lighter lines are gone, but the 2 deeper vertical fine lines are still there, they couldn't get it out. Still looks white against the black paint. He said I could take it down to the collision center and get an estimate. He thought it might just need a wet sand. Well the man at the collision center said a wet sand probably won't get it out- it would need to be repainted. So I asked for an estimate and he said $400!!! I tried not to fall over after that price. I said I would have to think about it so he gave me his business card.

That's really too expensive for me. I can't afford that. My Dad said he could try a wet sand but if it needed to be repainted he could do it for much much less. My dad used to do auto body repair before he retired. He said to try a colored wax or touch up paint first though so I'm going to see if I have any luck with them before getting anything drastic done to my new car. First I ordered a Nissan Versa touch up paint pen with my paint color & clear coat. And I'm also going to try Turtle Colored Wax Since I had to order the paint pen online and it will take a week or so to arrive I'm going to see if they have the colored wax at the auto store tomorrow after work.

My manager called when I was on my way home from the dealership and said they would be offering overtime tomorrow from 6am-11:30am so I'll be off to work tomorrow. I really need the money. I have to pay off these credit cards so I can buy a plane ticket to the Philippines sometime this spring.

I also had my taxes prepared last night and my $600 refund will at least put a dent in my $1,800 balance on my credit card. I have to pay that down before I can afford to put $1,500 back on another card. I already got a new 0% APR card from Citibank that I'll be using for my plane ticket when the time comes. I'm thinking of going to the Philippines before or right after Thanksgiving and arriving home mid January 2010. That will give F.B. & I enough time to get our paperwork together before getting married in December.

I still haven't mailed F.B.'s valentines stuff... looks like it will also become his anniversary gift! (Our 5 year anniversary is April 1st.) I ordered his sister some ring guards for her engagement ring. (She got engaged a few weeks ago!) and I ordered F.B. a small something and then I ordered his mom a gift off of So I have to wait for it to arrive before I mail everything.

I have to call the vet on Monday. The swelling on Sugar's paw has still not gone down completely. It's been about a month and her metacam only lasted 3 weeks. She can walk on it and climb and eat with it. She doesn't cry when you touch it. But she's can't really stand or walk properly on it. It's still so swollen she can't straighten her paw out completely so she walks crooked on it. Also she has alot of porphyrin around her eyes in the morning and rats do not get that unless they are stressed, in pain or ill. I'm hoping when I call the vet on Monday he can just prescribe more metacam since he said last time there was nothing else they could really do for a sprain.

Still Swollen:

It's going to be a very tight paycheck because too many of my bills are falling on the same week. I got my first car payment & first insurance bill and they are due when a few other high bills are due. I called Chase bank to find out about moving the due date for the car to the middle of the month but they said I must make the first payment before they will be able to move the due date. That's another reason I'm hoping she won't have to go in for an office visit, since it's $45 just for the visit and a 2 week metacam prescription was around $26. That's also another reason why I have to go in for overtime tomorrow!

  1. That's a real shame about your car. I hope the colored wax does the trick. I've only used touch up paint a few times, never with any luck :( It's great you have your dad to get some tips from.

  2. I'm sorry about your car. That is frustrating. When I had my truck, I noticed that it showed everything. I was pretty lucky though...oh how I miss my truck! We still need to get our taxes done. I am hoping that with a house, being married, and claiming a child we get a good chunk back!

  3. I'm sorry about your brand new car. :( That stinks. It sounds like you've got several ways figured out to take care of them, so I hope one works.

    And have fun getting that overtime. Woo Hoo!

  4. Hi Sarah. I am so sorry about that scratches! $400 is really a lot of money. Let's hope for the best that the wax will fix it. Our car has been scratched by other people in the parking lot too because they open their doors too wide thereby hitting ours.

    The tax refund will definitely help! We will also be putting it on our trip fund for the Philippines. Have you also thought of selling branded stuff in the Philippines?! My mom and sisters brought stuff here in America with brands that Filipinos love. Even Bath and Body works would sell for 600 pesos there and bags like Liz Claiborne, Nine West, just for example would sell. Just ideas. Those are expensive in the Philippines. You can take ideas from brands found at Rustan's. Maybe you can leave stocks there with FB once you go back to USA (and waiting for spousal visa) so you will have some business going on there.

  5. hat just sucks. How about a magic marker? No maybe you should stick with the colored wax.

  6. hi. thanks for dropping by at my blog. sorry about your car, i can imagine how you feel. :(

    "beng-beng cha", yeah it's fun. it's some kinda tricycle too just that the side car is behind and it's all closed. (:


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