Friday, October 10, 2008

Philippines: Arrival & F's Birthday

Back in the Philippines! Arrived here at 10pm on 10-7-08. I didn't have any delays with any of my connections this time, thank goodness. The 15 hour flight was so long though, I tried to sleep most of it.

I had a little trouble finding F.B. at the airport, since it was the larger airport this time. When I got my luggage and got through customs I had to go outside and was asking the guards where the waiting area was. There wasn't too many signs, so I called F on his cell phone and he said he could see me and to wait where I was and he would go get the car.

We got back to his house around 11:30pm. He gave me a red rose and a rattie stuffed animal.

(The door to F.B.'s room.)

My first day in the Philippines we went to change my money into some peso's and then headed to 'Big R' the mall near F.B.'s house. We stopped at the supermarket so I could pick up some toothpaste, shampoo, etc. And we also stopped at the music store and F.B. got me the new Cueshe c.d. for my belated birthday gift. Later that afternoon we checked out the new mall in Marikina City.

There's a new stray cat hanging around F.B.'s house. He calls him 'Stupid Cat' because he always runs away when F.B. tries to pet him. I think he liked me though, he sniffed my hand and posed for me!

October 9th, was F.B.'s 29th birthday. We had lunch at home and headed to Mega Mall. It was pouring rain and hard to see when driving. It's been cool here at night time, I get cold! (In the Philippines!) We watched 'Tropic Thunder' with Ben Stiller at Mega Mall. I thought it was okay, but F.B. really "liked" it.

Around 7pm we met up with F.B.'s parents and his sister at Mega Mall and went to Saisaki Buffet for F.B.'s birthday dinner.

Today we just hung out around the house. Slept in late and played around on my laptop. And picked up F.B.'s Dad and Sister later in the evening.

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