@ZoyaNailPolish Magical PixieDust: Summer Collection!

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Today I have the Zoya Magical PixieDust, Summer 2014 Collection! Arlo, Bar, & Ginni can be purchased as a set, or individually. 

Arlo is a pretty violet amethyst color with holographic glitter. I used three thin coats. The Summer PixieDusts have more of a jelly base, then the Spring Collection. Zoya Rooney from the Tickled Collection is my accent nail. 

Bar is a lovely nude, or as I call it sand colored polish. I like this one a lot more in person, than I did when I saw the Zoya press release. Three thin coats, and I decided to keep with the beach theme by using Zoya Muse from the Bubbly Collection as my accent nail, stamped with Winstonia Store W108.

Ginni is a summery pink color. When I saw the Zoya promo for the summer collection I couldn't figure out why they would do another pink when they just had Lux in the Spring Collection... but they are completely different. Ginni is much brighter. This is 3 coats with Zoya Kitridge from the Tickled Collection on my accent nail. 

Seeing them side by side, I think I prefer Ginni over Lux now. 

Which is your favorite, from Zoya's Summer Magical Pixiedust Collection?

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Nie-cy Polish Review!

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Today I have 3 pretty spring colors from Nie-cy Polish to share with you today! I was sent Pace Mates, You are my Lady, and Le'le girl.

Le'le girl: a pretty pastel pink. It reminds me of ballet slippers. Even though it's such a light color application was no issue. Formula is quite nice, not runny at all. I used 3 coats, plus topcoat. Personally- you could probably even use 1 coat of this if you wanted a nice sheer nail color. I used Messy Mansion stamp plate MM18.

You are my Lady: Nice light green color. I thought it leaned towards aqua in the bottle, but it's more green on my nails. Again, application was great- I used 3 coats, plus topcoat. I used Emily De Molly stamp plate EDM04, and topped it with a bit of China Glaze Fairy dust on my accent nails.

Pace Matesis a bright colorful yellow. I ended up using 4 coats with this one, it was a bit streaky, but no other issues. I used Emily De Molly stamp plate, EDM05. I stamped with Rimmel 60 seconds- Hot Chili Pepper.

You can also Find Nie-cy Polish on Facebook! 

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Instagram Giveaway! (Featuring Painted Polish)

Who is ready for an Instagram giveaway?! Painted Polish has been sweet enough to donate 'Drunk on Holo' nail polish! Who wants to win it?!

Other Prizes: Holographic Revlon makeup bag, Indigo Bananas Coconut Macaroon cuticle balm, Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner in Black & Pacifica eyeshadow.


● 1. Must be following @tunaynamahal82, @paintedpolishbylexi

● 2. Repost giveaway photo (above photo) on Instagram with caption: #TNMpaintedpolishgiveaway @tunaynamahal82, @paintedpolishbylexi 

● 3. Instagram profile must be PUBLIC, so I can see your entry!
● 4. Open Internationally!
● 5. Must be 18+ or have a parents permission to enter.
● 7. I am not liable for lost or damaged prize package.
● 8. 1 winner. Ends: 5/31/14

Drunk on Holo is gorgeous! I've been wearing my own bottle, as accent nails for the last month! It's the first polish (after you hit play of course), in the video below! 

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Store Envy: Blog Sale is Live!

My 1st Blog Sale is live on Store Envy! Go check it out! (USA Shipping Only!) Polishes are selling out fast, so I added a few more colors! :-)


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@ZoyaNailPolish Tickled Collection!

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Today I am sharing the gorgeous Zoya Tickled, Summer 2014 collection with you! These are 6 vibrant colors perfect for summer! I used the Zoya Bubbly collection for Accent nails, along with some stamping. 
(I've used Seche Vite topcoat on all swatches below). Both of the summer collections can be purchased as a set or individually at Zoya.com(I used Seche Vite topcoat below on all the swatches).

Zoya Wendy (accent nail is Alma, 1 coat layered over Wendy). Wendy is a bright melon color, almost neon. I needed three coats. Citrus fruit stamp is Winstonia Store W118.

Zoya Rooney (accent nail is 1 coat of Binx layered over Rooney). I only needed two coats for Rooney a magenta pink color. My Flying Pig Stamp, is from Winstonia Store plate W217.

Zoya Kitridge (accent nail is 1 coat of Harper layered over Kitridge). I used three coats for Kitridge, it's a bright bubble gum pink. I stamped the Flamingo with Winstonia Store stamp W210.

Zoya Ling (accent nail is 1 coat of Muse layered over Ling) I only needed two coats of Ling. I stamped the seashells with Winstonia Store plate W108. 

Zoya Tilda (accent nail is 1 coat of Stassi layered over Tilda) I only needed two coats of Tilda to be opaque. The palm tree stamp is Winstonia Store W106 (I don't think this green plays nice with my skin tone though).

Zoya Rocha (accent nails are Jesy). I only needed two coats of Rocha. It's a very bright red toned orange.

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@ZoyaNailPolish, Bubbly Collection!

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Today I am sharing the gorgeous Zoya Bubbly, Summer 2014 collection with you! I decided to do accent nails with the Zoya Tickled collection. (I will have the review for that collection here on the blog in a few more days)Both of the summer collections can be purchased as a set or individually at Zoya.com. (I used Seche Vite topcoat below on all the swatches).

Zoya Harper (accent nail is Kitridge from the Tickled collection). This is two coats, plus topcoat. I was surprised these weren't as sheer as I thought they would be. This one reminds me of pink lemonade for some reason, I really love it. 

Zoya Binx (accent nail is Rooney), I kind of wish I had done 3 coats instead of two. This is darker than Harper and more an Orchid Purple. It's so sparkly in person, I love this color.

Zoya Muse (accent nail is Ling). Two coats, plus topcoat for this color. Lovely bright blue!

Oh! Painted Nubbs had a fan on Facebook asking for a comparison of Zoya Muse, Charla & Crystal the other night. Ashlee only had Muse, so she asked if someone could compare. If you're curious- here is what they all look like on the nail, no dupes here!

Zoya Jesy (accent nail is Rocha) orange coral color with gold shimmer. This one was a bit sheerer than the others, so I used 3 coats. By the way, all of these polishes have glitter, but they were not hard to remove at all with some acetone.

Zoya Stassi (accent nail is Tilda) I also needed 3 coats for Stassi, I felt it was too sheer at two coats. I wish I have chosen a different design for the striping tape though- because I feel it looks like a turtle shell with the green, lol! 

My genuinely talented nail art friends, please don't be offended by this- it's just a joke, lol! My friend Autumn said they could be Ninja Turtle nails since the accent nail looks like a turtle shell, so as a late night joke I searched for some pictures- and stuck them on my nails on Paintshop Pro, hehehe! (Photos were found here). 

Zoya Alma (accent nail Wendy). 2 coats. Alma is a pretty marigold color. I didn't think this color looked too bad with my skintone actually. Usually yellows do not play nice with my pale skin.

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Guest Post: Matte Neon Sugar Spun Nails!

Narmai from PiggieLuv.com is celebrating her 2nd Blogiversary! She asked me to do a guest post and recreate one of her looks, so I decided to copy her gorgeous neon sugar spun nails. Go visit her blog and check out my guest post!

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IG Sunday: @jillytips

I've decided to start featuring nail polish Instagram accounts every Sunday. There's so many neat accounts on IG that really deserve to be featured. And while some of these ladies do have blogs too, it's their Instagram I want to give a shoutout! :-)

Today's IG feature is Jill from @jillytipsShe has some gorgeous nail swatches and nail art. Check out her IG and give her a follow!

How gorgeous is this holographic Chevron mani she did?!

If you would like to follow me on Instagram I'm: @tunaynamahal82

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