OPI: 4 In The Morning

I stopped at Sally Beauty last Friday to pick up some acetone and while I was there I got two polishes. OPI Satin '4 In The Morning' was one of them. It's part of the new Gwen Stefani collection. I don't have any matte black polishes and this almost looks like liquid leather when it's dry, I love it!

I did three coats of 4 In The Morning, and my accent nail is Rainbow Honey Apple Kid

What do you think of '4 In The Morning'?

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Different Directions

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile, but I never actually sat down to do it. When I started Tunay Na Mahal back in March 2008 I started as more of a lifestyle & love blog. It cataloged my long distance relationship with my then boyfriend, now husband. We documented our immigration process, my travels overseas.

I've always intended Tunay Na Mahal to be my space. Where I can write about whatever I'm into at that moment. I've written about travel, books, music, I've shared recipes. I've shared about my pet rats on this blog.

The past several years, my big hobby has been nail polish. And lately this blog has started to become more of a nail & beauty blog. I've started doing nail polish reviews for different companies in exchange for samples, and I want to expand on that. Nail polish and nail art is a great hobby of mine. I find it relaxing and I love the art aspect of it (stamping, etc). I love the photography and photo editing too.

Tunay Na Mahal is still going to be my space. I don't ever want to box myself in. I want it to continue to be a place where I can come write about whatever. For the most part, lately this blog has been headed towards a nail & beauty blog. But occasionally between nail polish posts, I may post a recipe, share a day trip, or talk about books/music or share some photos of my rats, etc.

Hope you will stick around!

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Sugar Spun Mani's with L.A. Girl Color Pop

✯ PR Sample ✯

I really enjoyed doing sugar spun mani's last time with some of the L.A. Girl Color Pop polishes, I was sent to review. I wanted to do two more with Blast & Plunge. I just love how these look with the bright colors!

Two coats of Blast with Plunge sugar spun over it.

And this is two coats of Plunge with Blast sugar spun over it. 

Check out my full review of the L.A. Girl Color Pop polishes. 

(L.A. Girl: Color Pop nail polishes can be found at Rite Aid, they retail for $5.00).

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China Glaze: Seahorsin' Around

I picked up China Glaze Seahorsin' Around this past Friday at Sally Beauty. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. Seahorsin' Around is part of the new Sea Goddess CollectionThis polish is absolutely stunning in person. It's a blue green texture polish with sparkly micro shimmer. I did two coats for the photos below. This is the 1st China Glaze texture polish I've tried and it's a bit grittier than the Zoya Pixie Dusts.

What do you think of Seahorsin' Around?

P.S. You know you are a nail polish blogger when you require a gallon of acetone, lol! I picked up a gallon while I was at Sally Beauty to refill my smaller bottle.

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Zoya: Savita Matte Velvet

I'm so excited I was able to get a hold of Zoya Savita. It's one of the discontinued Matte Velvet's. I pretty much needed it after seeing a post on Painted Nubb's. Luckily after a few weeks I found it on eBay for $11 + free shipping. (Some of the sellers want to charge $20+). Savita is a royal purple matte polish. It's gorgeous! It came packaged in a cute little black velvet Zoya box.

I also stamped with Sally Hansen in Silver Sweep with Messy Mansion MM20. 

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Valentine's Day Nails: Design 4

✯ PR Samples Mentioned ✯

Happy Friday! Today's Valentine's Day design features Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Red Snapper (press sample) and China Glaze Fairy Dust. I stamped with Konad Special White polish and used Winstonia Store 1st Gen W105 and 2nd Gen W207 plates.

♥ Valentine's Day Nails 

• Design 1
• Design 2
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L.A. Girl: Color Pop

✯ PR Sample ✯

(Picture Heavy Post!)

Last week I received 8 L.A. Girl Color Pop polishes from Vanessa at L.A. Girl Cosmetics. They were packaged really cute too! You can find L.A. Girl polishes for sale at Rite Aid or you can purchase directly from their website. They retail for $5.00.

I was sent: Plunge, Nostalgic, Blast, Amour, Birthday Cake, Burst.

Diamond Topcoat & Marine Base Coat.

(Topcoat & Base Coat were used in all photos!)

Blast is a gorgeous bright purple fucshia color. It's so vibrant my camera tries to pick it up a little pinker than it is in person. Very nice formula not too runny and not too thick, for real life you would be good in 2 coats, but for under my bright lights I did 3 coats. 

I also did my first Sugar Spun mani with Blast & Amour. (Thanks to Kat Stays Polished for the Sugar Spun tutorial).

Amour is a beautiful bright red. I also did three coats, no problems with the formula.

Another sugar spun mani with Amour & Plunge. 

I did one coat of Blast & Three coats of Burst. Burst is full of pink and holographic glitter. It's super super sparkly in person and I loved it layered over Blast.

Birthday Cake is so awesome! It reminds me of Strawberry Icing with sprinkles. I did three coats for the photo. 

Plunge is a bright vibrant blue color. Again, perfect formula. None of these polishes were runny or too sheer. I did 3 coats of Plunge, but in real life you would be fine with 2. 

Nostalgic is so pretty in the bottle! It's full of teal glitter. I just wish it was more opaque on the nail. I did three coats over Plunge, but it still doesn't completely cover the nail, it's more of a glitter topper.

I used the Marine Base Coat under all the polishes, and I can say I didn't have any staining, which I was worried about with such concentrated bright colors. The Diamond Topcoat is just as shiny as Seche Vite, but just takes longer to dry.

Which is your favorite from the Color Pop line?

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China Glaze: Ruby Pumps

Back in the early 2000's my cousin Chrissy & I were shopping at Ulta. I came across China Glaze Ruby Pumps. This gorgeous sparkly red polish. I had never heard of the brand China Glaze. I didn't buy much nail polish back then, because I bit my nails and I would only paint my toes red or hot pink in the summer. By the time I got into nail polish in late 2010, Ruby Pumps had long ago dried up... :-(

I finally got around to buying another bottle of Ruby Pumps on eBay. I'm so glad to be able to own this polish again, and I'm happy China Glaze still makes it. It's a gorgeous bright red, with red glitter that almost glows. I used two coats and one coat of Seche Vite topcoat.

Here's a comparison of Ruby Pumps & Zoya Sarah. Ruby Pumps is a darker red with bigger pieces of glitter. Zoya Sarah leans toward a blue based red with smaller glitter.

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Sneak Peek: L.A. Girl

✯ PR Sample ✯

I'm still a zombie here getting over this illness and am writing this from bed on my Kindle Fire. I haven't painted my nails in a week now! I wanted to share a sneak peek though at at the awesome L.A. Girl polishes that Vanessa from L.A. Girl Cosmetics sent me for review. I am looking forward to sharing them with you all soon! You can find L.A. Girl polishes for sale at Rite Aid. :-)

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Valentine's Day Nails: Design 3

It's another Friday and I've got another Valentine's Day manicure to share. I used Zoya Miranda this time and blinged out my ring finger with rhinestone's from Sally Hansen's nail art line. It's something a little different than I would normally do. If I had glitter I would have too since the rhinestones are a little larger. I stamped with Winstonia Store 2nd Gen plate W207 with Konad Special White polish.

♥ Valentine's Day Nails 

• Design 1
• Design 2
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Super Sick...

I've been really really sick since last Saturday night, sicker than I've ever felt.  I've missed a week of work and ended up in the ER yesterday morning. They ran blood tests, gave me a chest xray and IV because I was dehydrated. The ER thinks it's either strep (they didn't get my throat culture back) or influenza. They sent me home with antibiotics. I've pretty much missed a week of my life because I've just been sleeping nonstop, drinking lot's of gatorade. I haven't really been online at all. I've had blog posts scheduled, but forgive me if I haven't replied to comments yet. Still resting up so I can hopefully get back to work on Monday.

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