Apartment Furniture: Walmart Rocks!

I borrowed $3,000 from Citibank for our furniture budget for the apartment- since we only had bedroom furniture. We stayed well under that. We spent under $1,000. So I was able to return most of the money I borrowed from Citibank. :-)

We are also thankful to my Dad in law & Mom in law, for helping us with the down payment on our apartment & helping us with the furniture we needed. Thank you so much! We really appreciate it! 

My parents gave us a microwave so we are definitely thankful for that since it's one less thing to buy! And my Mom said we could have some dishes and cooking stuff too. :-) (We have a few dishes, a coffee machine, coffee press & rice cooker already.) Most of our smaller items, shower curtain rings, mop, broom, bucket, cleaning supplies, etc, etc, etc; we will get at Dollar Tree or Big Lot's.

I did free site to store shipping for most of the items we ordered. We still have to pick some of these up. Walmart rocks! Here's some of the goodies we ordered!

Living Room

Atherton Home Manhattan Convertible Futon
Parsons 3 Piece Coffee & End Tables
Better Homes and Gardens Poly Resin Birdcage Lamp (2)
Linen Hardback Table Shade (2)
Open Sided 3-Shelf Bookcase
Curtis 19" Class LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV
RCA Digital Flat Amplified Antenna

 Dining Room/ Kitchen

Mainstays 5-Piece Wood and Metal Dining Set
Rival 2-Slice Toaster ($6.00)
Black & Decker Electric Can Opener ($9.00)
Hefty Swing-Lid 13.5-Gallon Trash Can

Mainstays 4-Drawer Chest

Mainstays Floor Lamp

Rubber Ducky PEVA Shower Curtain
Dirt Devil Express Quick Vacuum with Tools

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



Last week F.B. & I put a down payment on a one bedroom apartment about 10 minutes from where we are staying with my parents. We weren't planning on moving so soon, but circumstances have come up & changed our plans. (Please keep my family in your prayers they are having financial difficulties). We will be getting the keys & moving to our apartment December 9th.

We have a 12 month lease for a 1 bedroom apartment for $650 a month, water included. We will have to pay for the other utilities. The kitchen comes with a fridge, stove, dishwasher. The apartment is 700 square feet. And very roomy, with one big living room/dining area. And one big bedroom. Plus two huge windows in each room. There are 5 closets. 2 big closets and 3 smaller closets. Plus a shower/tub in the bathroom. Each building has it's own community laundry room which you get a key for. And each apartment has it's own entrance door, so the outside looks a little more like a house. Plus they allow smalls animals!

Last year I remember looking at apartments in this area and they wanted $800 just for a studio apartment. 1 bedrooms were $800-900. I think the economy has driven the prices down. Also last year pretty much none of the buildings allowed pets and all the ones we looked at in person & online do allow pets now.

Here's a few quick photos I took the day we took our tour of the apartment complex; (this isn't our unit but it is exact to ours):

Living Room:



We picked up boxes & packing tape yesterday and we got 5 boxes packed up today. Still a lot to pack up though. And we will be renting a U-haul truck on our big moving day. (I think December 10th, since December 9th is when we sign paperwork and get the keys to our apartment around 10am.)

I took a balance transfer from Citibank to get some furniture. We ordered some of the furniture online and I will be picking up the rest of the stuff we need from Walmart. (Dollar Tree & Big Lots, 2nd hand store.) The prices are unbelievable at Walmart though! I thought it might be easier to move with furniture that hasn't been assembled yet, since our apartment is a 2nd floor unit. (We only own bedroom furniture).

Here is the 5 piece dining set we ordered ($129.00):

And our black futon sofa ($299.00):


Fennel: Apr 2010- Nov 17th 2011

Fennel passed away Thursday evening a little after I arrived home from work. My poor old man was very very frail, and he had cataracts in both of his eyes so he couldn't see well anymore. The last few days he was with us he had stopped eating his rat food. He only wanted his yogurt peanuts & Ensure. His brother Barley passed away in October. Fennel would have been 2 years old in March.


Olive: 11-11-2011

I adopted Olive in April of this year. She traveled with her sister Fern, all the way from Star's Rat Rescue in South Dakota. Olive was a feisty adventurous rat. About a week ago Olive started having some slight balance issues. She kept tipping over. She was on antibiotics for about a week for treatment of a possible ear infection. She seemed to be getting better and was more active but still having balance issues. She also was losing weight.

Then she took a turn for the worse. I'm pretty sure she had a pituitary tumor, like my rat Spice had years ago. She was very weak the one night when I came from work, she could only hobble a little bit and she would tip over. The next morning she couldn't walk at all. She would lay on her side and move her legs like she wanted to move, but she just couldn't. She stopped eating & drinking. It was so sad because she would lift her head up and stare with her dark eyes and look at you like she wanted to get up and run around, but her body wouldn't cooperate. Olive passed away in the late afternoon yesterday... I only had a very short time with, but I will miss her so much...

Fern & Olive when they lived at SRR

Olive & Fern after arriving from their long journey from SRR

Honey & Olive
Olive the morning before she passed away.


The best coffee ever!

A few months ago I bought my first french coffee press. A lime green Bodum.

Let me tell you... the coffee you brew in a french press is the richest boldest best tasting coffee ever! I go to Starbucks to get a bag of their Pike Place Roast, which they grind for free for a french press. (or any other coffee machine you own.)

I've used drip machines over the years, but the french press brewing method comes closest to tasting like you got your cup of coffee straight from a Starbucks Barista! It's very fresh, rich and bold tasting coffee. I love it! Plus it's an easy/affordable way to get my gourmet coffee fix at home!

And it's so easy to do. You heat some water, while the water is heating you put your scoops of coffee grinds into your french press. Then you pour the hot water directly into the pot with the grinds and you let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then you press down on the plunger of the french press and tada! Fresh hot coffee! The metal screen/strainer keeps any grinds from getting into your cup when you pour.

How do you brew your coffee?

(I got my french press at Target for $19.99 but Amazon.com is also selling the same model for the same price!)

(I do use Amazon Associates, but not because I've made any money- because I haven't! lol! But I like that I can show a picture/link with a product when I'm blogging. Plus I do recommend Amazon.com for their low prices. That or Ebay!)


Fortune Cookie Soap Giveaway!

It's time for another blog giveaway!!!

For my birthday in September my cousin Jessica gave me some Fortune Cookie Soap products. They are AMAZING! She got me cinnamon rolled soap, cupcake bar soap & a cupcake lip balm! They smell amazing! The soaps actually smell like real desserts and the lip balm tastes amazing. And yes! There is an actual fortune in the fortune cookie soap, hehe! (See mine!)

My birthday gifts. :)

I am giving away one $10 e-gift certificate to Fortune Cookie Soap! This contest will run one month and end on December 5th, 2011. So you can get yourself some holiday gifts or order some for your family/friends!

This giveaway is open to US & Canada residents only. (And also to my family & friends.) You do not have to be registered on Blogger to leave a comment. Anyone can comment. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me:

What is your favorite dessert? (Mandatory).

You MUST include a valid email address in the comments along with your mandatory entry, because the winner's gift certificate will be emailed to them!

For extra entries- (Leave a separate comment for each extra entry).

-Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect. (You can find the 'Followers' link under 'Contents' on the right hand sidebar. If you follow already you automatically get an extra entry if you answer the mandatory question). 

-Follow me on Twitter: @tunaynamahal82 (Include your user name in the comments. If you follow me already you automatically get an extra entry if you answer the mandatory question- just leave your Twitter username in the comments).

-Tweet about this giveaway (One tweet only- multiple tweets will not be vaild- include your link in the comments).

-Blog about this giveaway. (Include your link in the comments).

Giveaway Ends: December 5th, 2011. 12AM EST.

Winner will be chosen with Random Number Generator. 

I am not affiliated with Fortune Cookie Soap, I just love their products! 

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Mark Beauty! ♥

I ordered a few Mark beauty products from my cousin Jessica's e-boutique last week. My ordered arrived a few days ago. And I wanted share what I ordered!

I ordered a snap to it mini & two Mark Metallic eye shadows in Truffle & Goldi Luxe. They are super shiny. My cousin said they were like MAC eyeshadows and they are very concentrated like the MAC pigments that I use all the time. The snap to it mini is pretty neat it has a magnet in it and you can pick or choose which eye shadows to put into the case. I don't like their eyeshadow applicator all that much. I buy extra Cover Girl eyeshadow applicators. But I think an eyeshadow brush would work nice with these shadows too. 

I also got Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint. It self adjusts. It turned out to be a nice rosy pink on my lips which is what I usually go for when I buy lip gloss. It's not sticky which is nice and it has a nice scent to it. But the tube is also pretty small, so I'll be sad when I use it up. 

And this! Oh my gosh! I love this scent! The Luxe Lemon Sugar Set! I thought it would be really sweet smelling. It has a nice lemony citrus scent to it, but it also has a grownup kind of cologne smell which is really really nice! (It has jasmine scent too.) I love the body spray the best. The bodywash is nice too, it says you can use it as a shampoo- but you better use a separate conditioner with it. (I have straight fine hair and got tangles when I went to brush after my shower- so I put in a leave in conditioner.) I love the thick body butter. I put it on after I showered. And the purple makeup bag is really big and roomy. I have all my makeup stashed in it right now!

I loved everything I ordered, and there are still a few more things I'd like to order soon. I can definitely recommend the products I ordered!

Click to visit my cousin's e-boutique!

Hope you all like the new design & layout! ♥

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Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Rats!

A little Halloween Fun. :-)


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