My Pet Rats

Since I share so many stories about my pet rats on this blog, I wanted to catalog all of them here. Here are my pet rats past & present. I have owned pet rats since 2007.
Boys: Dobby, Earl, Chai, Marty, Felix, Toby
Girls: Leela, Lulu, Pearl, Lila, Lizzie, Emma.

*The vet I use here in Pennsylvania for my rats is Street Road Animal Hospital. They are located in Trevose PA 19053. I've been going there since 2007. They are very knowledgeable about small animals. They have treated many of my pet rats over the years*

*Note: Pet rats only have a 1-3 year life expectancy. I have owned pet rats since 2007.

Male. Variety: Black Hooded, Dumbo Ear.  Brought Home: 01-16-2016.


Male. Variety: Blue HoodedDumbo Ear.  Brought Home: 03-13-17.


Female. Variety: Variegated Agouti. Brought Home: 03-13-17

The babies born: March 24th, 2017. 
Top to Bottom- L-R: Marty, Toby, Fry (Fry passed away 9/12/17),
 Felix, Lila, Lizzie, Pearl, Emma.


Male. Variety: Himalayan Dumbo Ear. Brought Home: 03-13-17


Female. Variety: Hooded Agouti. Brought Home: 03-13-17

(To view my Rainbow Bridge Rats- click here). 

I was featured in an article about pet rats & rat rescues 
in our office newsletter April 2012

Sugar was featured as 'Pet of the week' in the Philadelphia Metro, June 2009
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