Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Zoya Mystery Trio!

* Purchased myself.

Zoya recently offered another Mystery Trio, and I decided to take advantage of the $15 + free shipping offer. (The Mystery Trio is still available on their website, while supplies last).

A few months ago, Zoya offered a mystery trio along with their buy 3 full size Zoya's, just pay shipping deal. Apparently there was some miscommunication about the never released colors. The colors hadn't actually been offered for sale, but they had been given away at a fashion show, so they weren't exactly new shades.

 photo DSC09912-mystery-zoya_1.jpg

This time, Zoya offered three never before seen, never released colors. :) And I was quite happy with the colors! If you still want to be surprised, I suggest not clicking below. But if you'd like to see the mystery colors and see swatches, click below to read the rest of this review!

The free gifts included with the mystery trio are: a mini Zoya Remove+, and a Hot Lips, lip balm in Sweet Tart. I never tried Zoya's lip balms, so I was happy to receive one. Sweet Tart is a berry color. It's not too dark, so it looks natural on me. The formula is quite sticky, much more so then the Clinique Superbalm I'm used to. But I found the Zoya stays on longer. Also Sweet Tart has a sweet berry flavor which I like. :)

 photo DSC09910-3.jpg
 photo DSC09905-zoya-trio_1.jpg
 photo DSC09907-2.jpg

Zoya Violet, is a blue leaning violet cream. This is 2 coats.
 photo DSC09921-zoya-violet.jpg

Zoya Marion, is a gorgeous pink purple, gold, metallic (slightly duo chrome). 
This is 3 coats, plus topcoat. 
 photo DSC09919-zoya-marion.jpg

Zoya Temperance, is my favorite. It's a gray cream, with subtle purple shimmer. 2 coats, plus topcoat.
 photo DSC09917-zoya-temperance.jpg
What do you think of Zoya's Mystery Trio?

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